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About Us

This website is a part of several websites under the belt of "The VG Resource" - These websites are dedicated to the distribution and collection of materials from videogames.
The purpose for these websites isn't for commercial use but more for references in the industry, as well as home use. Many of our users make fanmade comics, fangames, or even just browse them to reminisce on games they've played.

I am the lead admin, Dazz. Hello. I've been working on websites like this since I was about 8 or 9, and since then have been working to bring a bigger and better experience to users. I got into the hobby of spriting a long time ago, and I never lost interest. Running a community has always been something I've wanted to do, and my dreams came through I suppose.
I received many emails requesting for us to spread further into the fields of sounds and models, and we already had textures on tSR, so I decided to really go for it.

The Spriters Resource was our original website - it holds host to sprites extracted from games, as well as custom made sprites. It's gone through many phases in its lifetime, and is finally at the state you see it today. We've received comments from famous games developers in the past claiming to have used tSR for references on animations and other aspects of the art.

The Models Resource was added to compensate for the direction of the gaming industry, and to allow those with a passion for 3D to get into extraction and viewing, too. Some people have mentioned using the models for actually testing their animating skills, and have gotten themselves into the industry as such.

The Sounds Resource is the perfect text-message receiving sound site. It takes purely the sound effects from games - not music, due to the legalities. We publish these so that people can use them for inspiration for sounds, and for use in their fangames.

The Textures Resource is the home of textures - once hosted on tSR, textures can be used for all sorts of things, such us custom models, wallpapers... Anything you feel needs a texture!

About Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square and Other Companies...
The contents of this website are all related to the original company that they originate from. Their character design or original drawings are the rightful property of said companies, and as such, we claim no rights over them. We have nothing to do with their original creation (in most cases, at least) and claim no credit for how they came into original existence.
Although we compile the content into a usable format, and obtain them from games, we do not have any rights over the content itself...

Custom content, although created by us, use designs created by the original company, and so we do not claim any creation to the character design. We are however, the original artists of the content, and have rights over such art.

Although we have not obtained the permission from these companies to host their content on this website, we do anyway, in the hopes that these companies understand that our intention is not to steal their works, but to appreciate their work, and help others in research and other uses.
We have yet to receive any complaints from companies requesting their content to be removed, except from one, due to the game having not been released yet. It was then later put up again.