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Posted by Peardian - February 3, 2024 - 4:57 PM
Quick as lightning, the February update is here! With this, we're wrapping up the late-summer updates from last year. Are you ready? The most obvious highlight of the month is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, where newcomer Jimbo Jambo submitted over 120 various models! Veterans BillyBnMOfficial and stormygaret15 also contributed over 100 models each, bringing you plenty of cars and monsters and more. Be sure to check out the dozens of new custom models as well!

Here's this month's model tip: Did you know that computer images are made up of four different color channels? There's red, green, blue, and alpha (transparency). Every color you see on your screen is made from combining specific amounts of red, green, and blue light. The alpha channel then determines how much your image's color replaces the color behind it. These channels are independent of each other, which means every image is technically four different images combined together! You can use tools like Texture Remix to split apart and investigate these channels yourself. Modern models use lots of fancy tricks with textures, so knowing how images works will help you understand how to use those models better!

Anyway, enjoy!
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