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Posted by Centrixe the Dodo - April 6, 2024 - 6:34 PM
Centrixe the Dodo
🎵 "And all at once, you are the one I have been rippin' for – zip of my heart; poly and soul, ooh-woah~" 🎵

Heyyy there, model fans! How's everyone's 2024 been so far? I hope things have been working out in your favour lately! Peardian, Me, Random Talking Bush, and Jasperkins have all been hard at work whenever life permits us to bring you all a huuuge nifty update! As a matter of fact... we've gone over the 1,000 models mark this time! It's been quite a while since we've been able to soar that high, lemme tell ya. Let's get straight into today's report!

Various sources indicate that the biggest contribution of models is none other than Yokai Watch 3 by Aquatically404, with over 300+ Yokai and props! Can you believe it?! So much dedication, so many designs! But that's not all – we've got a heap of charming characters and early content from Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers by BlastoiseTheVGRipper; another 3DS entry! Y'know, I'm looking forward to whenever I'll have the chance to sit down and see what this Dillon is all about. The game certainly makes some unique usage of Mii's that I've never seen before, heh. Miitopia and Super Mario 3D Land (some of my own favourites) have both made a very welcome re-appearance as well. 3DS has gotten a ton of much-deserved love lately, huh?

Speaking of resurgences, we'll be taking a trip down TV's Memory Lane; arguably one of the most popular tourist locations in Cartoon City! Courtesy of Cameron Carson Official with shows such as Winx Club, Monster High, and Ben 10! Disney's Planes have flown in for the next gate just in time, too, 'cause we'll soon be zooming Over The Hedge and back into the skies of video game worlds like Mario Bros. Wonder, Kingdom Hearts, Princess Peach: Showtime!, Five Nights at Freddy's, Splatoon, Half-Life, and Mario Galaxy! There are plenty of other places to see in-between, though; be sure not to miss any if you'd like the full sightseeing experience!

We are now reaching our beloved Customs Canyon, which features a little over 80 different creations this month! I'm really liking this classic Pit (Super Smash Bros. 64 style) by LumpySpirit and those plushy Cats (Bowser's Fury, Plush-style) by PeachesCastle. I think my own cat would be pretty proud! (Er, well... he might just chew them instead?) *Ahem.* We're also excited to announce that PeachesCastle has contributed a big MAR10 day special of Mario-inspired models based on each letter of the alphabet! What's more is, they've recently hit their 300th custom submissions mark! Congratulations on this creative milestone, PC – here's to many more in the future!

Just think, "What would dodos do?" Stay fresh, and stay off the hook!
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