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Posted by Centrixe the Dodo - February 4, 2023 - 4:23 PM
Centrixe the Dodo
🎵 "I am ready! Come on, I'm ready! I've been patient and steadfast and steady!" 🎵

Hey hey heyyy, model rippers and icon onlookers! I hope everyone's ValenMonth is off to a soaring start! We've got a satisfyingly colourful line-up of models ranging from very old to very new with handfuls of little in-betweens. Today's song reference is brought to you by Disney's Encanto – quite the peculiar quote to sing on this particular site, eh?

Let's see, here... in order from oldest to newest, we've got a Japan exclusive Moomin-based game whose source material dates all the way back to the year 1990! Next up is a variety of different elements from Super Mario Sunshine, closely followed by Postal, Shrek 2 (one of the greatest sequels ever, If I may add,) and Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies. Talk about a throwback so far!
A bit of a time gap passes until we're face to face with the world of Mario Super Sluggers, which in itself is composed of both newly revised and recently submitted characters. Now hang on to your hats, 'cause we're taking a huge dive into the roaring 2020s with Genshin Impact, Disgaea 6, and massive truckloads from Ploaj in Pokémon Scarlet / Violet!

Submitters, here's a tip from me: try out tMR's very own Model Checker Tool! This neat little functionality wrapped in HTML-based code can help spot basic problems one may have missed during the submission phase. Please note, however, that this is not an replacement nor a fast-pass for the approval process; it simply assists in discovering any catchable issues on the surface, or even some sneakily hiding in the background. The less avoidable errors, the faster the acceptance! One of the most common mistakes we've noticed are OBJ submissions lacking their respective MTL counterpart. An OBJ requires its MTL file in order to know where to apply the model's textures onto its meshes, so it isn't a file you should be tossing aside and discarding. Not only that, but the paths themselves should be working as well. The easiest way to check for yourself is by opening the model in your favourite 3D program. Otherwise, ah... the staff will have to generate one ourselves, heh! This can take a range of extra time – especially for larger submissions like locations and buildings. Thanks for your cooperation!

Just think, "What would dodos do?" Stay fresh, and stay off the hook!
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