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Posted by Peardian - May 7, 2022 - 4:21 PM
I'm excited to bring you a nice big special update! There's so many great and different models here, I don't even know where to begin. The biggest collection is certainly the Lilo & Stitch stuff from Chopsuey621. Other highlights include Kirby Air Ride, Digimon, Dinosaurs are People Too, Ridge Racer 64, and Pokémon Unite. Be sure to also check our largest batch of custom models yet, with PeachesCastle once again providing many of them!

So, why is this update so special? There are more models in this update than remaining in the queue. In fact, if you don't count revisions, there are slightly less than 1000 remaining, and we are caught up to mid-March. The queue hasn't been this low in a very long time! Now, I will be starting a new day job soon, so I can't promise that updates will continue to be as huge as they have been for the past few months, but we're going to continue doing our best to process as much as we can.

Models in this update: 1,274(Max 50 models per console on home page. 1 NSFW model hidden. Click here to see all.)
3DS Models: 40
Arcade Models: 1
Browser Games Models: 8
Custom / Edited Models: 79 (50 shown)
Dreamcast Models: 3
DS / DSi Models: 121 (50 shown)
GameCube Models: 110 (50 shown)
Mobile Models: 260 (50 shown)
Nintendo 64 Models: 60 (50 shown)
Nintendo Switch Models: 118 (50 shown)
PC / Computer Models: 292 (50 shown)
PlayStation Models: 3
PlayStation 2 Models: 71 (50 shown, 1 hidden)
PlayStation 3 Models: 11
PlayStation 4 Models: 14
PSP Models: 13
Saturn Models: 3
Wii Models: 42
Wii U Models: 23
Xbox 360 Models: 2

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