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Miku (Deep Sea Girl)
Miku Modules
Filesize 2.50 MB
Submitter Centrixe
Format ZIP
Hits 2,561
Comments 1

Download Zip Archive
Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[27]
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikb004_aball.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikb004_bskin.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikb004_cloth.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikb004_hand.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikh004_face.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikh004_hair.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikh004_item.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikp001_eye.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/ctr_mikp003_object.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/EFFCMN_KAGE.dae
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/EFFCMN_KAGE.smd
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/f_diva_mik000_kage.png
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKB004ITEM_KATAAB.dae
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKB004ITEM_KATAAB.smd
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKB004ITEM_KOSIAB.dae
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKB004ITEM_KOSIAB.smd
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKB004_A.dae
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKB004_A.smd
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKH004_A.dae
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKH004_A.smd
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKP001_A.dae
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKP001_A.smd
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKP002_MOUTH.dae
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKP002_MOUTH.smd
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKP003_HAND.dae
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/MIKP003_HAND.smd
  • Miku (Deep Sea Girl)/readme.txt
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Jan 27, 2020, 10:09 PM
i just noticed the subtle bubble pattern in the hair :o
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