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Mr. Game & Watch
Filesize 1.02 MB
Submitter Hallow
Format ZIP
Hits 18,661
Comments 5

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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[102]
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 1/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 1/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 1/other.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 2/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 2/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 2/other.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 3/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 3/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 3/other.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 4/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 4/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 4/other.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 5/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 5/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 5/other.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 6/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 6/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 6/other.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 7/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 7/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 7/other.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 8/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 8/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Costume 8/other.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/gamewatch_high_n_c00.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/gamewatch_high_n_c00.fbx
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/black.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/breath.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/entry.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/fire.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/fish.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/friedprawns.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/gray.png
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/kame.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/manhole_n.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/octopus.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/oil.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/panel.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/parachute.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/Read Meh.txt
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/rescue.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/sausage.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/spray.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/steak.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/Props/tropicalfish.dae
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_0_GW_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_1_LhandHold_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_2_LhandMove1_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_3_LhandMove2_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_4_LhandOpen_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_5_RhandHold_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_6_RhandMove1_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_7_RhandMove2_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_8_RhandOpen_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_9_DiverFLIPM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_10_DiverFLIPM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_11_DiverM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_12_DiverM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_13_HeadBM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_14_HeadM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_15_SparkyM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_16_NoseM2_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_17_NoseM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_18_AlarmM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_19_AlarmM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_20_BallM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_21_BallM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_22_ChairM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_23_ChairM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_24_LZzz1M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_25_LZzz1M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_26_LZzz2M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_27_LZzz2M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_28_LZzz3M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_29_LZzz3M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_30_Maru1M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_31_Maru1M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_32_Maru2M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_33_Maru2M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_34_Maru3M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_35_Maru3M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_36_OilDM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_37_OilDM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_38_OilMM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_39_OilMM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_40_OilUM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_41_OilUM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_42_RZzz1M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_43_RZzz1M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_44_RZzz2M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_45_RZzz2M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_46_RZzz3M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_47_RZzz3M_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_48_BlockM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_49_BucketM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_50_FlagM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_51_FlagM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_52_HelmetM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_53_KeyM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_54_LHammerM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_55_PanM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
  • Mr Game and Watch/SMD/mesh_56_RHammerM_VIS_O_OBJ.smd
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Aug 21, 2019, 2:20 AM
Animating a texture-less model is much cheaper (both in terms of game resources and developer budget) than rendering and loading every necessary frame as an image with a high-enough resolution.
Aug 20, 2019, 7:17 PM
On another note, why dosent nintendo use just a flat texture instead.
Aug 20, 2019, 7:16 PM
I (used to) have this game and when I paused it and got a closeup of game and watch looking like a model rather than a texture.
Nov 11, 2016, 9:04 PM
that is what i find cool about coding you can do practicly anything if you know how to do it
Jun 5, 2016, 4:02 PM
Yeah like Melee and Brawl,he's actually 3D albeit having permanently the Flat Zone Code.
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