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Submitter Peardian
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Zip Contents[69]
  • Yux Brawl/Barribad/EffYuxBeam.png
  • Yux Brawl/Barribad/EnmYuxBody.png
  • Yux Brawl/Barribad/EnmYuxBodyAlb.png
  • Yux Brawl/Barribad/EnmYuxMiniEye0.png
  • Yux Brawl/Barribad/EnmYuxMiniEye1.png
  • Yux Brawl/Barribad/EnmYuxMiniEye2.png
  • Yux Brawl/Barribad/EnmYuxMiniEye3.png
  • Yux Brawl/Credits.txt
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxBeam.png
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxGlass1.png
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxGlass2.png
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxGlass3.png
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxGlass4.png
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxShield.png
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxShieldDraw.png
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxShieldFlash.png
  • Yux Brawl/EffYuxShieldWave.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxBody.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxBodyAlb.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxBodyLum.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxBodyOcc.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxEye0.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxEye2.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxEye3L.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxEye3R.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxEye4.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxEyeWhite.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxEyeWhiteAlb.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEye0.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEye1.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEye2.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEye3.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEyeCombo0.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEyeCombo1.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEyeCombo2.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEyeCombo3.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEyeWhite.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEyeWhiteAlb.png
  • Yux Brawl/EnmYuxMiniEyeWhiteOcc.png
  • Yux Brawl/Mini-Yux Brawl.dae
  • Yux Brawl/Mini-Yux_Brawl.mtl
  • Yux Brawl/Mini-Yux_Brawl.obj
  • Yux Brawl/Sobarribad/EnmYuxBody.png
  • Yux Brawl/Sobarribad/EnmYuxBodyAlb.png
  • Yux Brawl/X-Yux/EnmYuxBody.png
  • Yux Brawl/X-Yux/EnmYuxBodyAlb.png
  • Yux Brawl/X-Yux/EnmYuxBodyLum.png
  • Yux Brawl/X-Yux/EnmYuxEye0.png
  • Yux Brawl/X-Yux/EnmYuxMiniEye0.png
  • Yux Brawl/X-Yux/EnmYuxMiniEye1.png
  • Yux Brawl/X-Yux/EnmYuxMiniEye2.png
  • Yux Brawl/X-Yux/EnmYuxMiniEye3.png
  • Yux Brawl/Yux Beam.dae
  • Yux Brawl/Yux Brawl.dae
  • Yux Brawl/Yux Shield.dae
  • Yux Brawl/Yux_Beam.mtl
  • Yux Brawl/Yux_Beam.obj
  • Yux Brawl/Yux_Brawl.mtl
  • Yux Brawl/Yux_Brawl.obj
  • Yux Brawl/Yux_Shield.mtl
  • Yux Brawl/Yux_Shield.obj
  • Yux Brawl/Z-Yux/EnmYuxBody.png
  • Yux Brawl/Z-Yux/EnmYuxBodyAlb.png
  • Yux Brawl/Z-Yux/EnmYuxBodyLum.png
  • Yux Brawl/Z-Yux/EnmYuxEye0.png
  • Yux Brawl/Z-Yux/EnmYuxMiniEye0.png
  • Yux Brawl/Z-Yux/EnmYuxMiniEye1.png
  • Yux Brawl/Z-Yux/EnmYuxMiniEye2.png
  • Yux Brawl/Z-Yux/EnmYuxMiniEye3.png
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Apr 4, 2018, 8:34 PM
I still think whoever created the fidget spinner has some royalties to pay to Nintendo...
Feb 28, 2018, 2:42 AM
When it comes to games like Mario, form follows function. Every enemy has its own set of specific behaviors that is unique among the other enemies in the game. The developers aren't going to put an enemy into the game if it doesn't bring anything anything fun and interesting to the experience and doesn't fit within the core elements they have decided to focus on.

A lot of Mario games introduce new characters that are specific to that game's mechanics. Yux was designed for a turn-based RPG where the main focus of combat strategy is deciding which target to attack and how. Yux is weaker than X-Naut soldiers but will slowly gain defenses each turn so that the player does not have clear choice on which enemy to take down first. This idea is a good fit for The Thousand-Year Door, but would be out of place in a real-time platformer like New Super Mario Bros. or even a faster-paced RPG like the Mario & Luigi series.
Feb 28, 2018, 12:35 AM
Huh. I always saw the Paper Mario series as being part of the same canon as regular Mario, just in a different universe/dimension/reality. That being said, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam includes Paper Mario elements in a regular Mario setting...
Feb 16, 2018, 10:37 PM
Paper Mario enemies finally get 3D models!
Feb 16, 2018, 9:42 AM
I don't care if these are not canon? Nintendo should reconsider adding Paper Mario enemies into the canon of Mario. Anyone who's an American? Can you bros try to fly to Japan and get a job over there in the Super Mario department and ask them to add some Paper Mario lore into the canon of Super Mario? Not only would they fit into the main series. But it will also give them new enemies outside of Goombas and or other kitties.

With how fans are recreating models of older Paper Mario enemies in 3D. Future Mario games should take some advice from fans and maybe by 2021 a new Super Mario game either in 2D or 3D will give these guys a new home in the lore.

It's full proof!
Feb 10, 2018, 4:29 PM
Ayyy, amazing as always ^^
Feb 10, 2018, 10:52 AM
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