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Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver
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Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver
Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver
Map Objects
Barrier Station to Bell Tower
Barrier Station to Bell Tower Zip Archive
Bell Tower
Bell Tower Zip Archive
Bellchime Trail Building
Bellchime Trail Building Zip Archive
Bellsprout Statue
Bellsprout Statue Zip Archive
Bill's House
Bill's House Zip Archive
Blackthorn City House
Blackthorn City House Zip Archive
Burned Tower
Burned Tower Zip Archive
Cameron the Photographer's House
Cameron the Photographer's House Zip Archive
Celadon City Buildings
Celadon City Buildings Zip Archive
Celadon City House
Celadon City House Zip Archive
Celadon Condominiums
Celadon Condominiums Zip Archive
Celadon Department Store
Celadon Department Store Zip Archive
Celadon Game Corner
Celadon Game Corner Zip Archive
Celadon Restaurant
Celadon Restaurant Zip Archive
Cerulean Bike Shop
Cerulean Bike Shop Zip Archive
Cerulean City Houses
Cerulean City Houses Zip Archive
Charcoal Kiln
Charcoal Kiln Zip Archive
Cherrygrove City Houses
Cherrygrove City Houses Zip Archive
Cianwood City House
Cianwood City House Zip Archive
Cianwood City Pharmacy
Cianwood City Pharmacy Zip Archive
Cycling Road Archway
Cycling Road Archway Zip Archive
Dragon Shrine
Dragon Shrine Zip Archive
Ecruteak City Entryway
Ecruteak City Entryway Zip Archive
Ecruteak City Houses
Ecruteak City Houses Zip Archive
Elm Pokémon Lab
Elm Pokémon Lab Zip Archive
Fighting Dojo
Fighting Dojo Zip Archive
Fuchsia City Houses
Fuchsia City Houses Zip Archive
Fuchsia City Street Lamp
Fuchsia City Street Lamp Zip Archive
Glitter Lighthouse
Glitter Lighthouse Zip Archive
Goldenrod City Archway
Goldenrod City Archway Zip Archive
Goldenrod City Bike Shop
Goldenrod City Bike Shop Zip Archive
Goldenrod City Buildings
Goldenrod City Buildings Zip Archive
Goldenrod City Station
Goldenrod City Station Zip Archive
Goldenrod City Street Lamp
Goldenrod City Street Lamp Zip Archive
Goldenrod Department Store
Goldenrod Department Store Zip Archive
Goldenrod Flower Shop
Goldenrod Flower Shop Zip Archive
Goldenrod Game Corner
Goldenrod Game Corner Zip Archive
Goldenrod Radio Tower
Goldenrod Radio Tower Zip Archive
Goldenrod Tunnel Entrance
Goldenrod Tunnel Entrance Zip Archive
Ho-Oh Statue
Ho-Oh Statue Zip Archive
House of Memories
House of Memories Zip Archive
Indigo Plateau Archway
Indigo Plateau Archway Zip Archive
Johto Pokémon Gyms
Johto Pokémon Gyms Zip Archive
Kanto Pokémon Gyms
Kanto Pokémon Gyms Zip Archive
Kanto Power Plant
Kanto Power Plant Zip Archive
Kanto Radio Station
Kanto Radio Station Zip Archive
Kimono Dance Theater
Kimono Dance Theater Zip Archive
Kurt's House
Kurt's House Zip Archive
Lavender Town House
Lavender Town House Zip Archive
Logs Zip Archive
Mahogany Town House
Mahogany Town House Zip Archive
Mahogany Town Tower
Mahogany Town Tower Zip Archive
MooMoo Farm House
MooMoo Farm House Zip Archive
MooMoo Farm Silo
MooMoo Farm Silo Zip Archive
Mr. Pokémon's House
Mr. Pokémon's House Zip Archive
Name Rater
Name Rater Zip Archive
National Park Fountains
National Park Fountains Zip Archive
New Bark Town Houses
New Bark Town Houses Zip Archive
Oak Pokémon Research Lab
Oak Pokémon Research Lab Zip Archive
Olivine Café
Olivine Café Zip Archive
Olivine City House
Olivine City House Zip Archive
Olivine Port
Olivine Port Zip Archive
Pal Park Warden's Home
Pal Park Warden's Home Zip Archive
Pallet Town Houses
Pallet Town Houses Zip Archive
Pewter City House
Pewter City House Zip Archive
Pewter City Street Lamp
Pewter City Street Lamp Zip Archive
Pewter Museum of Science
Pewter Museum of Science Zip Archive
Player's House
Player's House Zip Archive
Poké Mart
Poké Mart Zip Archive
Pokéathlon Dome
Pokéathlon Dome Zip Archive
Pokéathlon Dome Entryway
Pokéathlon Dome Entryway Zip Archive
Pokéathlon Dome Flower Beds
Pokéathlon Dome Flower Beds Zip Archive
Pokéathlon Dome Gate
Pokéathlon Dome Gate Zip Archive
Pokéathlon Dome Light
Pokéathlon Dome Light Zip Archive
Pokéathlon Dome Tower
Pokéathlon Dome Tower Zip Archive
Pokémon Center
Pokémon Center Zip Archive
Pokémon Day Care
Pokémon Day Care Zip Archive
Pokémon Fan Club
Pokémon Fan Club Zip Archive
Pokémon League
Pokémon League Zip Archive
Pokémon League Reception Gate
Pokémon League Reception Gate Zip Archive
Pokémon School
Pokémon School Zip Archive
Ruins of Alph Buildings
Ruins of Alph Buildings Zip Archive
Ruins Research Center
Ruins Research Center Zip Archive
S.S. Aqua
S.S. Aqua Zip Archive
Safari Zone Archway
Safari Zone Archway Zip Archive
Safari Zone Building
Safari Zone Building Zip Archive
Safari Zone Gate Shops
Safari Zone Gate Shops Zip Archive
Safari Zone Gate Torch
Safari Zone Gate Torch Zip Archive
Saffron City Building
Saffron City Building Zip Archive
Saffron City Houses
Saffron City Houses Zip Archive
Saffron City Station
Saffron City Station Zip Archive
Saffron City Street Lamp
Saffron City Street Lamp Zip Archive
Sea Cottage
Sea Cottage Zip Archive
Silph Co.
Silph Co. Zip Archive
Sinjoh Ruins Cabin
Sinjoh Ruins Cabin Zip Archive
Slowpoke Well
Slowpoke Well Zip Archive
Sprout Tower
Sprout Tower Zip Archive
Tetrapod Zip Archive
Tower Pillar
Tower Pillar Zip Archive
Train Tracks
Train Tracks Zip Archive
Trainer House
Trainer House Zip Archive
Trainer Tips
Trainer Tips Zip Archive
Umbrella Table
Umbrella Table Zip Archive
Underground Path Entrances
Underground Path Entrances Zip Archive
Vermilion City Houses
Vermilion City Houses Zip Archive
Vermilion Port Entrance
Vermilion Port Entrance Zip Archive
Violet City Bridge
Violet City Bridge Zip Archive
Violet City House
Violet City House Zip Archive
Violet City Street Lamp
Violet City Street Lamp Zip Archive
Viridian City Houses
Viridian City Houses Zip Archive
Viridian City Street Lamp
Viridian City Street Lamp Zip Archive
Windmills Zip Archive
Yacht Zip Archive
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Apr 26, 2023, 8:25 PM
i feel like this isnt all the models lol
Jan 7, 2020, 3:38 AM
I've submitted the Mystri Stage model :3.
Mar 19, 2019, 4:51 PM
Never knew a game like this would have this much 3D models aside from the title screen (I only got as far as Olivine City before my 3DS stopped charging, so idk if there's other fully 3D events), but I guess I was wrong!
May 17, 2018, 10:37 PM
Seeing all these models brings back good memories. I even still have my Heartgold cartridge with about 250 hours on it. I never found Suicune until about 100 hours in, though.
May 13, 2017, 3:10 PM
@Ice God64
Still a lot of indoor map objects missing. Some buildings, too (like the route gates). Also, the title screens.

Oh, I totally forgot about those bag screen models. Maybe I'll take a look.
EDIT: I found and ripped them.
EDIT 2: They've been submitted.
Feb 18, 2017, 5:10 PM
Wow, this is almost everything 3D in the game short of maps, and the trainer models from the bag screen, isn't it?
Sep 22, 2015, 3:52 PM
These all look beautiful. Great job!!!!!
Aug 24, 2015, 7:11 AM
Thanks for sharing :)
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