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Category Mobile
Mega Digimon
Submitter Hallow
Size 11.00 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 4,080
Comments 5

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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[24]
  • Venusmon/matcap(weinasishou)_b.png
  • Venusmon/matcap(weinasishou)_g.png
  • Venusmon/matcap(weinasishou)_r.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/matcap(weinasishou)_a.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/matcap(weinasishou)_b.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/matcap(weinasishou)_g.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/matcap(weinasishou)_r.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/u172_m.dae
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/u172_m.fbx
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/u172_m.smd
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/weinasishou_base.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/weinasishou_mask_b.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/weinasishou_mask_g.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/weinasishou_mask_r.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/weinasishou_normal.png
  • Venusmon/Slightly Prude/weinasishou_sss.png
  • Venusmon/u172_m.dae
  • Venusmon/u172_m.fbx
  • Venusmon/u172_m.smd
  • Venusmon/weinasishou_base.png
  • Venusmon/weinasishou_mask_b.png
  • Venusmon/weinasishou_mask_g.png
  • Venusmon/weinasishou_mask_r.png
  • Venusmon/weinasishou_sss.png
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May 6, 2022, 2:12 AM
This is ridiculous. LMAO.
I first thought censoring could be because they are planning a western release and such but... since it's just for promo art, I am kinda sad. Oh well.
May 5, 2022, 6:39 PM
I was wondering why they would censor the promotional art if they were just going to leave the actual model unchanged. Guess it just took them a little longer to "fix" the model to match.

...Honestly, I think it looks better than the original, at least the top half anyway. The modesty shorts don't really work for me, but I've always felt Venusmon had kind of a lame, pandering design. I know they likely don't have the budget/resources for it, but I kinda wish that, if they must make design changes because of censorship laws, they'd go the Genshin route and make new outfits instead of just pasting strips of cloth over the designated no-no bits.
May 5, 2022, 6:03 PM
Yeah, It's weird, I also checked if they changed her model, but they did not.
May 5, 2022, 5:59 PM
@Hallow As I've heard about Venusmon having an altered design, (specifically the artwork for New Century) I've found it strange that Beastmon's model is still the same while her artwork has a different design.
May 5, 2022, 5:47 PM
Added her revised model which is sadly less revealing.
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