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  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_000.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_000.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_001.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_001.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_003.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_003.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_004.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_004.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_005.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_005.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_006.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_006.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_008.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_008.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_009.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_009.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_010.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_010.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_011.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Btm_011.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_000_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_000_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_000_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_000_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_000_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_001_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_001_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_001_fxm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_001_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_001_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_001_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_003_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_003_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_003_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_003_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_003_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_004_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_004_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_004_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_004_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_004_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_005_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_005_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_005_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_005_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_005_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_006_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_006_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_006_fxm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_006_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_006_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_006_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_008_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_008_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_008_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_008_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_008_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_009_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_009_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_009_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_009_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_009_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_010_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_010_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_010_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_010_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_010_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_011_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_011_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_011_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_011_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/m_btm_011_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_body_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_body_emm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_body_mtl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_body_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_body_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_glass_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_glass_emm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_glass_mtl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_glass_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_harness_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_harness_fxm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_harness_mtl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_harness_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_harness_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_harness_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/M_Ink_Emm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/M_Ink_Nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_alb.0.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_alb.1.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_alb.2.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_emm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_mtl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_thc.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_body_trm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_glass_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_glass_emm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_glass_fxm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_glass_mtl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_glass_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_glass_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_glass_thc.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_harness_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_harness_fxm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_harness_mtl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_harness_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_harness_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_harness_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_silicon_alb.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_silicon_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_silicon_thc.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/images/Tnk_Shot_First/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Clothes/Tnk_Gauge.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Tnk_Gauge.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Tnk_Gauge_Shot_First.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Tnk_Gauge_Shot_First.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Tnk_Simple.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Tnk_Simple.fbx
  • Inkling/Clothes/Tnk_Simple_Shot_First.dae
  • Inkling/Clothes/Tnk_Simple_Shot_First.fbx
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_00.dae
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_00.fbx
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_01.dae
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_01.fbx
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_02.dae
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_02.fbx
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_03.dae
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_03.fbx
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_04.dae
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_04.fbx
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_05.dae
  • Inkling/Female/Hair00_05.fbx
  • Inkling/Female/images/00_Hlf/m_body_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/00_Hlf/m_body_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/00_Hlf/m_body_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/00_Hlf/m_body_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/00_Hlf/m_body_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_00/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_00/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_00/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_00/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_00/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_00/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_00/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_00/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_01/m_teamcolor_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_01/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_01/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_01/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_01/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_01/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_01/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_01/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_02/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_02/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_02/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_02/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_02/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_02/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_02/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_02/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_03/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_03/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_03/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_03/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_03/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_03/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_03/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_03/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_04/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_04/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_04/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_04/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_04/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_04/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_04/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_04/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_05/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_05/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_05/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_05/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_05/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_05/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_05/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/Hair00_05/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_body_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_body_ao.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_body_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_body_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_body_trm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.0.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.0.s.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.1.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.1.s.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.2.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.2.s.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.3.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.3.s.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.4.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.4.s.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.5.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.5.s.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.6.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.6.s.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.7.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_alb.7.s.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_mlta.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_trm.0.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_trm.1.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_trm.2.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eyelid_trm.3.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eye_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eye_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_eye_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Female/images/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Female/Player00.dae
  • Inkling/Female/Player00.fbx
  • Inkling/Female/Player00_Hlf.dae
  • Inkling/Female/Player00_Hlf.fbx
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_00.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_00_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_01.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_01_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_02.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_02_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_03.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_03_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_04.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_04_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_05.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_05_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_06.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_06_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_07.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/btm_07_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_00.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_00_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_00_big.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_00_big_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_00_wide.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_00_wide_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_01.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_01_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_01_wide.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_01_wide_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_02.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_02_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_02_wide.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_02_wide_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_03.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_03_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_04.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_04_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_05.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_05_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_06.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_06_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_07.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_07_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_08.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_08_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_09.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_09_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_10.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_10_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_11.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_11_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_12.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_12_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_13.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_13_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_14.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_14_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_15.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_15_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_16.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_16_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_17.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_17_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_18.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/clt_18_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_00.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_00_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_01.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_01_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_02.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_02_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_03.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_03_a.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_04.png
  • Inkling/GearAlphaMask/shs_04_a.png
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_00.dae
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_00.fbx
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_01.dae
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_01.fbx
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_02.dae
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_02.fbx
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_03.dae
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_03.fbx
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_04.dae
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_04.fbx
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_05.dae
  • Inkling/Male/Hair01_05.fbx
  • Inkling/Male/images/01_Hlf/m_body_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/01_Hlf/m_body_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/01_Hlf/m_body_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/01_Hlf/m_body_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/01_Hlf/m_body_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_00/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_00/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_00/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_00/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_00/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_00/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_00/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_00/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_01/m_teamcolor_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_01/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_01/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_01/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_01/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_01/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_01/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_01/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_02/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_02/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_02/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_02/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_02/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_02/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_03/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_03/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_03/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_03/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_03/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_03/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_03/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_03/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_04/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_04/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_04/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_04/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_04/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_04/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_04/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_04/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_05/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_05/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_05/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_05/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_05/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_05/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_05/m_teamcolor_thc.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/Hair01_05/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_body_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_body_ao.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_body_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_body_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_body_trm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.0.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.0.s.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.1.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.1.s.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.2.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.2.s.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.3.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.3.s.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.4.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.4.s.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.5.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.5.s.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.6.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.6.s.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.7.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_alb.7.s.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_mlta.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_trm.0.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_trm.1.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_trm.2.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eyelid_trm.3.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eye_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eye_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_eye_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_stain_2cl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_teamcolor_alb.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_teamcolor_emm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_teamcolor_nrm.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_teamcolor_rgh.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_teamcolor_tcl.png
  • Inkling/Male/images/m_teamcolor_trm.png
  • Inkling/Male/Player01.dae
  • Inkling/Male/Player01.fbx
  • Inkling/Male/Player01_Hlf.dae
  • Inkling/Male/Player01_Hlf.fbx
  • Inkling/readme.txt
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Jul 16, 2020, 3:12 AM
Okay... This is my final question about the textures. You don't have to respond. I don't wish to be a bother, but I ran into a problem with applying the mlta or mltb textures (especially to jellyfish). I tried a lot of methods, but I got lost. This is the last time I will ask about the textures, because I am kind of a noob to using the node editor in Blender. I hope this isn't a bother.
Jul 14, 2020, 5:40 AM
@Jasper Thank you! Sorry for bother you about this. These textures were always bugging me when applying them. Thanks for your help.
Jul 12, 2020, 2:05 PM
I have a HLT setup that works pretty well, here is the node setup for it.

As for RFT [Lightwarp], I haven't really found a setup yet. You can try using/messing with the HLT setup.

FXM [Effect maps] are for Splatoon shader effects and change depending on the material. That means that most of the time they have no compatible use in Blender...
The only ones I use are the ones for the Squid sister outfits, I use them as Fac for the HLT texture plugged into a Layerweight node, here's what that setup looks like.

Aside from that, if you aren't already, mess around with the other Principled shader values such as Specular and Clearcoat, I've found that they can make the material look more like the game/less flat.

Wish I could've helped you more! ~ Jasper
Jul 12, 2020, 12:46 PM
@Jasper Yep! That really helped. Thank you for the setup, and information about the maps. But I also haven't found solutions for other map setups: htl maps, rft maps, fxm maps. Do you have any references or information you can share about how to apply those? If not, it's okay.
Jul 9, 2020, 2:12 AM
@Scolipedeking + Anyone else having trouble with the body textures

~ How to use the player Inkling/Octoling body textures in Blender ~

Here is a picture of the node setup] Below is a written explanation.

Skin Color Node Setup:
First you'll need an image node containing the ALB texture [m_body_alb.png], The second node you'll need is *MixRGB node*, be sure to change the Blend mode in the MixRGB Node from Mix to Multiply then change the Fac value to 1.000. The skin color will be a RGB color node.
Once you've done that, take the RGB node color output then plug it into the Color1 input in the MixRGB node, for the Color2 input plug in the color output from the Alb Texture node.
The last thing to do is take the color output from the MixRGB node then plug it into the Base Color input in the Principled node.

TRM/SSS Color texture Node Setup:
First you'll need an image node containing the TRM texture [m_body_trm.png], The second node you'll need is *MixRGB node*, be sure to change the Blend mode in the MixRGB Node from Mix to Multiply then change the Fac value to 1.000.
Once you've done that, take the RGB node color output from the Skin color setup then plug it into the Color1 input in the MixRGB node, for the Color2 input plug in the color output from the TRM Texture node.
Then take the color output from the MixRGB node then plug it into the Subsurface Color input in the Principled node.
Because the player models do not have THC [subsurface value] textures, we just use a value around 0.030,

Next you should add in all the other textures [rgh, nrm, etc].

OPTIONAL AO SETUP: This isn't required because all it does is add fake shadow detail.
First you'll need an image node containing the AO texture [m_body_ao.png] be sure to change the Color Space from SRGB to Non-Color, The second node you'll need is *MixRGB node*, be sure to keep the Blend mode as Mix.
Once you've done that, take the color output from the AO texture node and put into the Fac of the second MixRGB node. Leave the color2 input as empty and for color1 click on the gray box and change the color to pure black. Then disconnect the skin color MixRGB node from the principled shader and plug it into the color2 input of the AO mixRGB.
Then all you have to do is take the color output from the AO MixRGB node then plug it into the Base Color input in the Principled node.

Hope that helps! ~ Jasper
Jul 8, 2020, 12:50 PM
By any chance, does anyone know how to properly apply the skin textures shown in the render above? If so, an example of the nodes would be nice. I came close to a process, but I hit some obscure block that I can't seem to get over when it comes to skin tone and applying the trm texture.

If no one knows, that's okay. It was worth a shot. I'm using Blender 2.82 by the way.
Jun 14, 2020, 2:34 PM
@GregoryTheGamer I think those would have to be parented using a modifier I think. I have tried something similar with a phone model, and I modified it to be parented to a certain bone on the other model.
May 17, 2020, 3:49 AM
Is there a way to rig up the separate parts (Like Hair and Pants) to the main model properly in Blender?
Apr 25, 2020, 9:36 PM
@Jasper7438 Yep. Thanks for that. All I have to do is get rid of that blue tint that appears when I turn up the Subsurface Scattering.
Apr 16, 2020, 12:54 PM
Thanks, I separate the mouth from the teeth.
Apr 16, 2020, 3:25 AM
The mouths are weird [they don't seem to have textures, maybe the teamcolor texture applies to them..?] What I do is separate the teeth from the mouth, apply the eyebrow material to the inside of the mouth [minus nrm texture], and keep the teeth the default material. There might be a correct way to do it, but I don't know it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Apr 16, 2020, 3:24 AM
Scratch that, I'm not sure. You could try selecting the teeth in edit mode, then applying a separate material to them.
Apr 16, 2020, 3:19 AM
Are you using a mix blend mode on your mix RGB node, or multiply? That might be the problem. Plus, make sure you are coloring the .tcl texture, and adding it to the albedo texture.
Apr 16, 2020, 12:35 AM
(Hi again) I have issues with teeth on blender, i don't know how to have white teeth with a colored tongue/mouth.
Apr 5, 2020, 1:01 AM
•@Scolipedeking Turns out the trm texture is supposed to go into the subsurface color slot! I figured that out from Yan :)
•@Luigi_boi I'm sorry I didn't see your comment before. Yes, I can help you with the player eyes! Here's the node setup for the player eyes. What you have to do is mix m_eye_alb with a color using m_eye_tcl. To do that, get a MixRGB node and put a RGB node in the color1 slot and m_eye_alb into the color2 slot. For the Fac, put m_eye_tcl. Once you're done with all that, you can take the color option on the MixRGB node and plug it into the base color of the principled shader and voila! colored eyes!
Mar 27, 2020, 7:34 PM
Ha... It's finally time I say something! @Jasper7438 you seem to know how to change the eye colors for the Inkling (and I would assume Inklings and Octolings would work the same way) in Blender! Could you possibly help me with that?
Mar 12, 2020, 12:30 PM
I thought that about the transmission slot, and I did plug the trm texture into it, but not much happened. From what I read it's suppose to give the object a glow effect when light travels through it, and it works similar to the thickness maps which are simpler version of subsurface scattering.

I'm not new to Blender, but I am new to the Principled BSDF shader.
Mar 11, 2020, 11:11 PM
There is a transmission slot in the principled shader, I am not sure if it does the same thing in blender as it does in splatoon 2, but it's worth a shot! I tried using it and it didn't seem to do anything... perhaps the effect is pretty small.

For alpha I don't usually use the transparent bsdf. I normally use the option for alpha in the principled shader. Someone I was helping was having trouble with it though, so I taught them that other method I know, it works every time.
Mar 11, 2020, 5:19 PM
@Jasper7438 I saw the node input you did with the eyelids. I had made a different setup, and got the same positive results without using a Transparent BSDF node.

Now all I'm struggling with is textures labeled "trm". I read the index of what this texture is in the game, but I have no idea what the positive outcome looks like, nor do I entirely know how it is set up in nodes.
Feb 27, 2020, 10:45 AM
That's great to hear :D, and don't worry about bothering me, I remember trying to learn this stuff from a hodge-podge of random tutorials online [that had nothing to do with splatoon] and wasting a lot my time and feeling really frustrated then [and now...]. I like helping people with this stuff because I would've liked the same help then lol
Feb 27, 2020, 8:19 AM
@Jasper7438 That texture were actually important, BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Now the eyelid is working, and sorry if I annoyed you for 3 days :p .
Feb 27, 2020, 12:18 AM
@Rainer Assuming you're looking at the eyelid material, Bitmaptexture.057 and Normal_Bump.008 are probably m_eyelid_alb.0 and m_eyelid_nrm. I don't know why Blender renames them like that, it's just some default thing I suppose. It's not important because that's just how it looks when you import the model into Blender, you shouldn't need to mess with them I think.
Feb 26, 2020, 10:23 PM
@Jasper7438 What are Bitmaptexture.057 and Normal_Bump.008? Are those in the folder of the textures?
Feb 26, 2020, 8:47 PM
@Rainer I wonder why? Anyway I have a different method. I used this method in Blender 2.79 when there was no alpha spot on the principled shader. I guess you could say it's a little more complex node-wise and still requires the use of alpha clip in the Eevee engine, but perhaps it might work? It elminates the need for a texture in the alpha slot. Here is the node set up. Maybe you should try it with Cycles, best of luck to you!
Feb 26, 2020, 3:04 PM
@Jasper7438 i give up, it doesn't work to me, thank you for all:
edit: yes, i have followed all the steps exactly as in the video, but nothing
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