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Mecha Gear Set
Clothing (Sets)
Filesize 1.93 MB
Submitter Centrixe
Format ZIP
Hits 1,489
Comments 2

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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[35]
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/Clt_CRC000.dae
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/Clt_CRC000.fbx
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/m_clt_crc000_2cl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/m_clt_crc000_alb.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/m_clt_crc000_emm.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/m_clt_crc000_mtl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/m_clt_crc000_nrm.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/m_clt_crc000_rgh.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Clt_CRC000/m_clt_crc000_tcl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/Hed_CRC000.dae
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/Hed_CRC000.fbx
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_2cl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_alb.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_emm.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_2cl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_emm.1.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_emm.2.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_emm.3.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_emm.4.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_emm.5.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_emm.6.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_nrm.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_glass_tcl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_mtl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_nrm.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_rgh.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Hed_CRC000/m_hed_crc000_tcl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Shs_CRC000/m_shs_crc000_2cl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Shs_CRC000/m_shs_crc000_alb.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Shs_CRC000/m_shs_crc000_emm.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Shs_CRC000/m_shs_crc000_mtl.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Shs_CRC000/m_shs_crc000_nrm.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Shs_CRC000/m_shs_crc000_rgh.png
  • Mecha Gear Set/Shs_CRC000/Shs_CRC000.dae
  • Mecha Gear Set/Shs_CRC000/Shs_CRC000.fbx
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Jun 6, 2020, 9:42 PM
@TheVengefulRevolvenant This is a Japanese exclusive outfit set.
May 9, 2020, 5:40 PM
How do you get this?
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