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Donkey Kong
Category Nintendo Switch
Submitter Centrixe the Dodo
Size 18.90 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 23,791
Comments 5

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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[79]
  • Donkey Kong/barrelconga.dae
  • Donkey Kong/barrelconga.fbx
  • Donkey Kong/dkbarrel.dae
  • Donkey Kong/dkbarrel.fbx
  • Donkey Kong/donkey.dae
  • Donkey Kong/donkey.fbx
  • Donkey Kong/images/Alternate/c01/skin_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Alternate/c02/skin_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Alternate/c03/skin_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Alternate/c04/skin_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Alternate/c05/skin_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Alternate/c06/skin_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Alternate/c07/skin_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_mark_ao.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_mark_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_mark_mtl.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_mark_nor.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_mark_nor_a.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_mark_nor_b.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_mark_rgh.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_mark_spc.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_met_ao.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_met_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_met_mtl.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_met_nor.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_met_nor_a.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_met_nor_b.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_met_rgh.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_met_spc.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_wood_ao.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_wood_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_wood_mtl.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_wood_nor.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_wood_nor_a.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_wood_nor_b.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_wood_rgh.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Barrelconga/donkey_barrel_wood_spc.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/deyes_eye_donkey_wd_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/deyes_eye_yellowl_donkey_d_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/deyes_eye_yellowr_donkey_d_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dkbarrel02_ao.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dkbarrel02_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dkbarrel02_mtl.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dkbarrel02_nor.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dkbarrel02_nor_a.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dkbarrel02_nor_b.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dkbarrel02_rgh.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dkbarrel02_spc.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/Dkbarrel/dk_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_doneky_002_ao.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_doneky_002_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_doneky_002_mtl.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_doneky_002_nor.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_doneky_002_nor_a.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_doneky_002_nor_b.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_doneky_002_rgh.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_doneky_002_spc.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_donkey_001.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_yellowl_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/eye_yellowr_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/leyes_eye_yellowl_donkey_l_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/leyes_eye_yellowr_donkey_l_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/skin_donkey_001_ao.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/skin_donkey_001_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/skin_donkey_001_mtl.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/skin_donkey_001_nor.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/skin_donkey_001_nor_a.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/skin_donkey_001_nor_b.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/skin_donkey_001_rgh.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/skin_donkey_001_spc.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/tooth_donkey_002_ao.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/tooth_donkey_002_col.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/tooth_donkey_002_mtl.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/tooth_donkey_002_nor.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/tooth_donkey_002_nor_a.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/tooth_donkey_002_nor_b.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/tooth_donkey_002_rgh.png
  • Donkey Kong/images/tooth_donkey_002_spc.png
  • Donkey Kong/readme.txt
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Sep 24, 2019, 8:08 PM
I thought that looked more like his face from the Smash 64 artworks. And it looks much better in them to be honest.
Sep 23, 2019, 3:24 PM
@Minimax How about how the panorama art gave him the DK94 face for whatever reason?
Sep 20, 2019, 9:22 PM
I wish they didn't make him and Diddy uglier than in brawl (since 3DS and Wii U) by making their hands and feet thin as heck, but also, in DK's case, his mouth, nose and ears' shapes.

For me, this DK still looks good (considerably better than on Wii U due to improved fur) model quality-wise. But model design wise, it's still one of the worst imo.

All in all, I think the best looking ones in-game overall are the ones from Ultra Smash and Aces, Mario & Sonic Sochi, and DKC:TF (this one I consider the best of all, also thanks to how good his fur and model quality looks in general, but also his vast variety facial expressions which are even done by bone animation, unlike Ultimate).

All of these goes for Diddy too, by the way.
Apr 25, 2019, 7:37 PM
Yeah they are leftovers with updated textures DK Drums TCRF
Apr 25, 2019, 6:52 PM
Huh, it seems the DK Bongos are still there as left overs. Are they changed from the version from Smash 4? They look like they have higher quality textures.

Side note this is definitely the best looking DK model yet by far.
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