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Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui (Prototype)
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Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui (Prototype)
Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui (Prototype)
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Feb 8, 2019, 3:31 PM
Why was this game canceled again?
Nov 17, 2018, 2:29 PM
I waited 17 years for this game, and I’m glad that not only was it leaked, but people are seriously digging into its assets. (And yes, I really did wait that long. I remember being excited reading the print ads as a kid.)
Jul 3, 2018, 4:54 AM
Can't get any rips without messed up UVs, so I unfortunately can't contribute. But I'm excited to see if more models are on the way.
Jun 25, 2018, 5:28 AM
love to see Lego and Bionicle stuff!
Jun 7, 2018, 4:31 PM
wow, that is something I didn't expected. Thanks for upload. Please give us more :)
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