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Master Chief
Category PC / Computer
Submitter Shadowth117
Size 1.12 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 41,542
Comments 2

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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[31]
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorBack.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorDown.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorFront.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorLeft.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorRight.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorUp.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/Thumbs.db
  • Master Chief/cubemap mirror surface.png
  • Master Chief/cyborg.png
  • Master Chief/cyborg multipurpose.png
  • Master Chief/cyborg reflection armor.png
  • Master Chief/detail corroded metal light.png
  • Master Chief/MasterChief.DAE
  • Master Chief/Master Chief.mtl
  • Master Chief/Master Chief.obj
  • Master Chief/Master Chief First Person/cyborg hands.png
  • Master Chief/Master Chief First Person/cyborg hands multipurpose.png
  • Master Chief/Master Chief First Person/MC First Person.DAE
  • Master Chief/Master Chief First Person/MC First Person.mtl
  • Master Chief/Master Chief First Person/MC First Person.obj
  • Master Chief/Master Chief First Person/Thumbs.db
  • Master Chief/spotlight cyborg.png
  • Master Chief/Thumbs.db
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/Thumbs.db
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorBack.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorDown.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorFront.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorLeft.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorRight.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorUp.png
  • Readme.txt
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Jan 8, 2022, 11:04 AM
The non-tinted visor just reminds me of a moldy potato-grade beige PC I had forever ago, and even on lowest settings, it was seconds-per-frame in spots. And yes, it was so old that cubemap reflections were non-existent.

20GB Hard drive is all I remember of that decrepit monstrosity.
Sep 7, 2017, 1:27 AM
Not sure what's up with the weird green coloration on this model, and the gold visor.
The base model has white armor with a black visor, the green and gold are implemented in game using shaders.
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