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MapleStory 2
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MapleStory 2
MapleStory 2
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Apr 29, 2020, 12:13 AM
I see, some companies seem to take the matter more harshly then others.
Also, I should mention that they already released the archives, but turns out the models section was actually just renders of the NPC models, not the actual models. I guess I'll make a backup of the game files and try to rip as much as I can of it.
Apr 13, 2020, 9:11 PM
@ShrunkenParadox That ripping models and making the companies mad, reminds me how I've witness someone ripped some of the assets of Animal Jam and their Instagram and website closed down even though they're doing it for non-profit.

I'm always conflicted by this, because I was planning to rip models from Play Wild then importing them into MMD, but then realizing that maybe I should keep it for myself since I don't want to cause some crazy uprising from the AJ community.

And what I meant by that is that I don't to be some target of famous AJ user(s) who would make a video on it.
Apr 13, 2020, 7:13 PM
Appearently now that the game is closing (exept on korea and china), there will be an official website for downloading many assets from game, including 3D models. So well, Even if we dont got to rip much of it, at least we'll soon get to download them in a way that doesn't angers the creators (ripping models seems to cause some problems with many companies, but when its just a random person doin it they dont seem to mind much unless they profit...)
Aug 25, 2019, 3:36 AM
Yay, finally getting models for this game :D
Aug 17, 2019, 6:14 PM
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