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Blaze the Cat
Filesize 3.30 MB
Submitter Random Talking Bush
Format ZIP
Hits 30,024
Comments 2

Download Zip Archive
Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[45]
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/Blaze.SMD
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/Blaze_ColladaMax.DAE
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/Blaze_Eyelashes.SMD
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell04_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell05_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell06_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell07_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell08_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell09_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell10_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cellbase01_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cellbase02_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cellbase03_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cellbase_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cell_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cloth_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cloth_nrm_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_cloth_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_eye_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_eye_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_eye_spc_HD_B.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_eye_spc_HD_G.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_eye_spc_HD_R.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_necklace_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_necklace_nrm_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_necklace_pow_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_necklace_ref_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_necklace_ref_HD_alpha.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_necklace_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_red_ref_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_red_ref_HD_alpha.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_shoes_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_shoes_nrm_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_shoes_pow_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_shoes_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_skin_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_skin_fal_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_suit01_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_suit01_nrm_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_suit01_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_suit02_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_suit03_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/images/chr_blaze_white_ref_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Blaze/Tag.txt
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Feb 7, 2016, 11:55 AM
Same's happening with me. I'm guessing some of the vertex groups are missing, but I don't know the real solution.
Jul 3, 2014, 7:31 PM
I really like this model, especially the bones in the eyelids and mouth. But there are a few issues, but not a lot. When I import this model into Blender it comes pre-rigged (I really like that, I get to start animating right away) but some of the rigging is a little "broken." The tip of the thumbs don't deform with the rest of the thumb, so when I manipulate the thumb bones the thumbs "stretch," leaving the tips behind. There's also a vertex in the face that does this same thing. I don't know anything about the modeling process, I work with the animation of characters, so I don't know if this can be fixed at all, but I thought I'd address this issue I've found.
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