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URS12 Polar Bear
Category PlayStation 4
Submitter xAct
Size 37.19 MB
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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[20]
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262D3.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262D4.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262D5.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262D6.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262D7.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262D8.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262D9.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262DA.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262E0.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262E2.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262E3.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262E4.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262E5.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262E7.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262E9.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262EA.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/262EC.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/411C9.png
  • URS12 Polar Bear/F0A_41.dae
  • URS12 Polar Bear/F0A_41.fbx
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Nov 16, 2022, 8:42 PM
Ah yeah, polar bears went extinct in the story of this game and Cyberlife built replicas of them to preserve the zoo exabits.
Really cool story wise, but I'm afraid of how well the extinctions might age.
Aug 27, 2021, 2:50 PM
@Lukac2002 this is the Android polar bear from Zlatko’s house/mansion. I assume it was from an android zoo of some kind.
Aug 26, 2021, 12:24 PM
What happened to this thing? Is it an android?
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