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Posted by Peardian - June 3, 2023 - 5:26 PM
You may not believe it, but it is already time for the June update! The biggest highlights this time are the high-quality Dragon Quest models from Boxy and the extra-fancy props from Portal's recent "Portal with RTX" DLC. Meanwhile, Joker496 has been very busy with 160+ submissions from various games like Borderlands, Postal, and Little Witch Academia. Other sci-fi-rific highlights include Star Wars Episode I: Racer and Splatoon 3. Be sure to check out the dozens of new custom models as well!

And now for a model tip: different model formats support different features. The very simple OBJ format does not support things like bones, nested objects, or multiple UV maps. So, if you download an OBJ model, don't be surprised that it has no bones inside. And, if you're preparing to submit a model with bones, don't just convert it to OBJ and nothing else, or you'll lose the rigging data. The DAE format supports bones and more, which is why we require it for rigged models.

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