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Models Submitted 17
Games Submitted To 2
Largest Genre (by Games) Racing (1 game)
Largest Genre (by Models) Racing (16 models)
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Biggest Contributions
Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart DS

(16 models)
Most Popular Models
1 Mario Kart DS SNES Mario Circuit 1 5,527 hits
2 Mario Kart DS King Bob-omb 3,684 hits
3 Mario Kart DS GBA Sky Garden 3,645 hits
4 Mario Kart DS GCN Baby Park 3,556 hits
5 Mario Kart DS Block City 3,374 hits
6 New Super Mario Bros. Bird 3,019 hits
7 Mario Kart DS Thwomp 2,800 hits
8 Mario Kart DS Twilight House 2,621 hits
9 Mario Kart DS Block Fort 2,458 hits
10 Mario Kart DS Desert Hills 2,445 hits
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