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Models Submitted 30
Games Submitted To 16
Largest Console (by Games) Custom / Edited (6 games)
Largest Console (by Models) Custom / Edited (10 models)
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Most Popular Models
1 Sonic the Hedgehog Customs Sonic (Project Condor) 7,546 hits
2 Sonic the Hedgehog Customs Sonic (Project Sonic RPG) 7,405 hits
3 Sonic 3D Blast / Sonic 3D: Flicky's Island Sonic the Hedgehog 5,741 hits
4 Sonic the Hedgehog Customs Sonic 4,949 hits
5 NiGHTS into Dreams... NiGHTS 3,597 hits
6 Star Fox / Star Wing Arwing (Title Screen / Ending) 3,060 hits
7 Sonic X-treme Fang the Sniper 3,045 hits
8 Kirby Customs Battleship Halberd (Kirby Super Star) 2,760 hits
9 Pac-Man Customs Pac-Man (Ghost Zone) 2,694 hits
10 Banjo-Kazooie Customs Mumbo Jumbo (E3 1997 Recreation) 2,464 hits
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