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Models Submitted 18
Games Submitted To 1
Largest Genre (by Games) Platformer (1 game)
Largest Genre (by Models) Platformer (18 models)
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Biggest Contribution
GetAmped II
GetAmped II

(18 models)
Most Popular Models
1 GetAmped II Sparks Tiffany 4,812 hits
2 GetAmped II Water Gun 4,553 hits
3 GetAmped II Megaforce 3,196 hits
4 GetAmped II Jacky Noboru 3,021 hits
5 GetAmped II Dr. Diaper 2,944 hits
6 GetAmped II Red Bull 2,879 hits
7 GetAmped II Fancy Cat (Brown) 2,141 hits
8 GetAmped II Chained Claw 2,036 hits
9 GetAmped II Dragon Whisker Whip 1,868 hits
10 GetAmped II Memory Film 1,822 hits
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