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Models Submitted 8
Games Submitted To 2
Largest Console
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(1 game)
Largest Console
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(7 models)
Biggest Contributions
Galaga Wars
Galaga Wars

(7 models)
Galaga Customs
Galaga Customs

(1 model)
Most Popular Models
1 Galaga Customs Galaga Ship (Voxel) 2,202 hits
2 Galaga Wars Galaga Fighter 1,163 hits
3 Galaga Wars FX-01 912 hits
4 Galaga Wars The Prince of All Cosmos 903 hits
5 Galaga Wars Galaxip 871 hits
6 Galaga Wars Galaga Queen 783 hits
7 Galaga Wars Red Baron 762 hits
8 Galaga Wars Solvalou 709 hits
Custom / Edited Models: 1 Hide
Galaga Customs Galaga Ship (Voxel)
Mobile Models: 7 Hide
Galaga Wars FX-01
Galaga Wars Galaga Fighter
Galaga Wars Galaga Queen
Galaga Wars Galaxip
Galaga Wars The Prince of All Cosmos
Galaga Wars Red Baron
Galaga Wars Solvalou
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