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Category Wii U
Pikmin Adventure
Submitter lemurboy12
Size 992.89 KB
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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[26]
  • Bulborb/bake_pkm_chappy_black_g00_b00_f00.png
  • Bulborb/bake_pkm_chappy_red_g00_b00_f00.png
  • Bulborb/bodyblack_alb.png
  • Bulborb/body_alb.1.png
  • Bulborb/body_alb.2.png
  • Bulborb/body_alb.3.png
  • Bulborb/body_nom.png
  • Bulborb/body_spm.png
  • Bulborb/bulborb.fbx
  • Bulborb/bulborb.ms3d
  • Bulborb/bulborb.mtl
  • Bulborb/bulborb.obj
  • Bulborb/bulborb.smd
  • Bulborb/eyeblack_alb.1.png
  • Bulborb/eyeblack_alb.2.png
  • Bulborb/eyeblack_alb.3.png
  • Bulborb/eyeblack_alb.4.png
  • Bulborb/eyeblack_spm.png
  • Bulborb/eye_alb.1.png
  • Bulborb/eye_alb.2.png
  • Bulborb/eye_alb.3.png
  • Bulborb/eye_alb.4.png
  • Bulborb/eye_spm.png
  • Bulborb/neji_alb.png
  • Bulborb/neji_nom.png
  • Bulborb/neji_spm.png
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Dec 28, 2021, 10:16 AM
I swear it looked so much better in game.
Apr 17, 2017, 11:53 AM
I am VERY Bored! Can you Rip the Pikmin Adventure Bosses and Enemies I've Waited a Longer time for this!
Here's the List of Enemies
-Billious Bulborb
-Yellow Bulborb
-Green Bulborb
-Creepy Beeb
-King Beeb
-Bombardier Beeb
-Telescoping Pumphog
and the list of Bosses
-Bulblord (Angry variant)
-Grand Bulblord (Angry variant)
-Large Mouth Wollyhog (With Tongue)
-Translucent Wollywog (With Tongue Angry variant)
-Emperor Pinchipede (Angry Variant, No Segments, With Spikes)
-Monochromatic Pinchipede (Angry Variant, No Segments, With Spikes)
-Greater Bladed Beeb (Angry variant)
-Greater Studded Beeb (Angry variant)
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