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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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Mar 9, 2023, 1:32 AM
@Ethonic Ah I see. Well, good luck to you on that! I guess I'll keep looking haha
Feb 27, 2023, 1:55 PM
@daemon-404, I think the terrain that I exported is the collision for the terrain because it seems to have no material data so there isn't any texturing although I put the great plateu in blender and made a material that takes a grass texture and a rock texture and makes grass on flat areas and rock on cliffs and steeper areas. The reason I made the texture is because I am using the terrain to make a wallpaper.
Feb 22, 2023, 1:57 AM
@Ethonic so it is possible to extract terrain! If you cut it up into parts it may be easier to use and possibly upload. Speaking of which... will you be uploading it somewhere? If not here (probably a good idea) then maybe on DeviantArt or hell a Google Drive or something? Does it export the proper textures as well? I would appreciate the hell out of it since I've been having a hard time hand-modeling things to make outside scenes.
Feb 21, 2023, 4:50 PM
I was messing around in the files for this game and it turns out that the entire map is separated between terrain which doesent have overhangs and then the models that get put upon the terrain that make those overhangs and caves. The great plateau has the terrain like the mountains and the hills, then the models like the big castle walls around the great plateau or the big cliff after the shrine of resurection. I extracted the entire terrain of hyrule and there were 91 million polygons and very hard to load in Blender, even using an RTX 3050ti so if I were to add all the models to it, it would be almost impossible to load in blender. I dont know too mutch about the technical side of breath of the wild so correct me if I'm wrong about any of this information.
Dec 12, 2022, 11:29 AM
@RobZombii I haven't successfully assembled them. As far as I've gotten, it's just putting them together by eye. I don't trust myself to get it entirely right (especially with the rigs?) so I've put the Umiis on the back burner for now, unfortunately
Dec 5, 2022, 12:16 PM
@daemon-404 The game determines the colors in-game so you'd have to texture them manually. BTW did you figure out how to assemble them?
Dec 1, 2022, 11:58 AM
For the Umiis, anyone know how to get their actual color variations or is that an in-game procedure type thing? Little bit jarring to have 10 million blaring white body pieces
Nov 22, 2022, 10:09 AM
just checked with compendium on some zelda site and so many weapons are still missing. I never noticed there were so many in this game... I somehow need all of them for custom wallpaper...
Nov 9, 2022, 7:28 AM
Were the Umii models not approved? They just disappeared from the queue.
Nov 4, 2022, 6:51 AM
god I hate the Umii models. I have so many noses now. I just want to make Celessa...
Sep 12, 2022, 7:51 PM
i'm shocked to hear that this person doesn't have the patience for models to be uploaded or assume things are going very slow when reality the staff of this site are sorting through models that are que'd up, waiting to be ready for use. I'm just waiting until the whole game is ripped, locations and all. I appreciate the work they're putting in to give us all these models, so please be grateful for their effort.. otherwise we wouldn't have these ripped in the first place. x.x
Aug 14, 2022, 9:14 PM
It's culling. Modern games can't live without it.
Aug 10, 2022, 6:33 PM
@Dewani90 I've actually never used PMX Editor yet I've used a lot of PMX models in Blender. I'll give it a shot.
Aug 9, 2022, 11:50 PM
@RobZombii well, have you tried turning them into .x files and using PMX Editor to assemble them?, that's what I would do, paste the pieces together as they can accept textures on PMX Editor no problem, then rig them to a skeleton, that way they can be turned into MMD models, or ported to Xnalara/SFM using blender.... I mean, have you seen my youtube videos?, most of those models were ingame stuff at some point in time.

also @Derpbox, I would rather imagine anyone having a machine powerful enough to render Hyrule/Tamriel/Skyrim, have you noticed that the huge world maps load in sections?, trying to make a whole world map to render at the same time would fry most machines.
Aug 4, 2022, 1:51 PM
@Dewani90 Someone actually got the UMiis from the game? Faces and all? I've been trying for weeks to figure out how to place the Face/Head pieces together in Blender but I'm sure there's a step I'm missing. I ripped all of the textures and hair/face/nose models needed, it's just how the hell do I put them together?
Jul 31, 2022, 4:42 PM
So the Mii models pending are the character generators of the game?, does anyone has them even if they aren't approved?, I'd love to use them to recreate some characters.
Jul 25, 2022, 8:41 AM
@magnoelcabiadito SOMEONE RIPPED HYRULE!?!?!?
Jul 20, 2022, 11:19 PM
@DerpBox Someone already did tho? I seen the map in VR chat servers. But cant seem to locate who did the original rip.
May 12, 2022, 4:03 PM
imagine trying to rip hyrule
May 1, 2022, 11:28 AM
Does anyone happen to have some of the locations' surroundings (such as the hills, lake, etc. around Link's house)? If not, does anyone know how to get them and assemble them properly? I've seen people rip entire places (Gerudo Town, for example) from BotW before and I think they'd be quite useful to have...
Apr 28, 2022, 12:12 AM
people dont know you can litterally open the files and play the memory cutscenes its a mp4 file
Apr 20, 2022, 8:25 PM
@Buzzy1989 Models are processed whenever we get to them. The models I approved recently were submitted back in January, and I typically check models in the order they were submitted, so it will still be a while before I get to yours.
Apr 20, 2022, 7:30 PM
Quick question (I am new and don’t fully know how this works). When do models get approved? I remember a few days ago models here were being approved but others just sat.
Apr 13, 2022, 1:30 PM
Dang, heated discussion between rando and (presumably) magic bush
Mar 24, 2022, 3:17 PM
@Random Talking Brush So it takes months to press a button to approve 2/3 models but five minutes is lost just to answer a non-request related comment ? (Requests too are to be reminded otherwise we take the dust)
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