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Master Chief
Friendly Characters
Filesize 1.36 MB
Submitter Shadowth117
Format ZIP
Hits 25,718
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Download Zip Archive
Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[29]
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorBack.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorDown.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorFront.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorLeft.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorRight.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/ArmorUp.PNG
  • Master Chief/Armor Cubemaps/Thumbs.db
  • Master Chief/Extra Readme.txt
  • Master Chief/Flashlight Gel.PNG
  • Master Chief/MasterChief.DAE
  • Master Chief/MasterChief.mtl
  • Master Chief/MasterChief.obj
  • Master Chief/masterchief.PNG
  • Master Chief/masterchief_alpha.PNG
  • Master Chief/masterchief_bump.PNG
  • Master Chief/masterchief_bump_camo.PNG
  • Master Chief/masterchief_cc.PNG
  • Master Chief/MC CCPrimary.png
  • Master Chief/MC CCSecondary.png
  • Master Chief/metal_dirty.PNG
  • Master Chief/Thumbs.db
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/Thumbs.db
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorBack.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorDown.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorFront.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorLeft.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorRight.png
  • Master Chief/Visor Cubemaps/VisorUp.png
  • Readme.txt
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