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Pajama Ness
New Costumes
Filesize 779.67 KB
Submitters Peardian, Pik
Format ZIP
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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[18]
- Pajama Ness/Credits.txt
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_Eye.00.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_Eye.01.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_Eye.02.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_Eye.03.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_EyeYellow.00.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_EyeYellow.01.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_EyeYellow.02.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_EyeYellow.03.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_Face.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_Hair.png
- Pajama Ness/FitNess_Wear.png
- Pajama Ness/ItmNessBatBdy0.png
- Pajama Ness/ItmNessBatBdy1.png
- Pajama Ness/ItmNessBatGp00.png
- Pajama Ness/PJNess.dae
- Pajama Ness/PJNess.mtl
- Pajama Ness/PJNess.obj
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Sep 14, 2018, 9:49 AM
If I remember correctly, in 2015 I was watching Little Nemo for the first time when it was still available on Hulu. The boy reminded me of Ness in his pajamas and of course you may already know that his journey took place in a dream world and to rid his fears just like Ness when he was in his own Magicant to face his fears aka his inner demon?

This is something I noticed during that time, but I never got to comment about it.
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Nov 4, 2015, 10:50 PM
Question: how do you pose/rig models like this? I've been trying with blender and rhino, and it just doesn't work...Any suggestions?
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