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Twilight Trail Backgrounds
Category GameCube
Battle Stages
Submitter Peardian
Size 718.59 KB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[28]
  • Twilight Trail Stages/bt_stg_01_ita_01.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gon_sou_03.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_bg_01.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_bg_ki_1.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_bg_ki_2.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_gake_01i.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_hai_ki.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_hai_ki_2.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_jimen_1.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_kusa02.tga.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_miki01.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_tema_kusa.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/gra_tuki.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/hei_bt_ita_01.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/muj_ita_02.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/stg_04_0.dae
  • Twilight Trail Stages/stg_04_0_bake.dae
  • Twilight Trail Stages/stg_04_0_bake_split.dae
  • Twilight Trail Stages/stg_04_1.dae
  • Twilight Trail Stages/stg_04_1.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/stg_04_1_bake.dae
  • Twilight Trail Stages/stg_04_1_bake_split.dae
  • Twilight Trail Stages/usujimen.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/usujimen_3.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/usu_ishi.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/usu_kuka_.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/vertexColors_0.png
  • Twilight Trail Stages/vertexColors_1.png
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Oct 29, 2023, 9:47 PM
@Hi_World: Unfortunately, using 3D models is not as simple as what you describe. You'll have to learn how to use a 3D program (like Blender), how to import the models, how to set up the materials, how to use vertex colors, how to set up lights and cameras, and how to render images. It's a lot of work, but very rewarding. It will take some time to learn, and the comments on this site are not the fastest way to get assistance. There's dozens of tutorials out there on the internet for this kind of stuff, so just Google anything you have a question about.
Oct 28, 2023, 11:01 PM
Hello, if someone could really help me, I would really appreciate it. I am new to this, and I don't know how to handle DAE files. I would like to use this scenario. How can I handle it so that it looks like in the video game, as an already complete image that I can print? I would really appreciate your help because I am trying to give a gift.
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