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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
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Category Nintendo 64
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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Playable Characters
Non-Playable Characters
Common NPCs
Bronze Room
Bronze Room Zip Archive
Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop Zip Archive
Ebisumaru Magic Training Room
Ebisumaru Magic Training Room Zip Archive
Festival Village (Room 377)
Festival Village (Room 377) Zip Archive
Festival Village (Room 378)
Festival Village (Room 378) Zip Archive
Festival Village (Room 379)
Festival Village (Room 379) Zip Archive
Festival Village (Room 380)
Festival Village (Room 380) Zip Archive
Festival Village (Room 381)
Festival Village (Room 381) Zip Archive
Folkypoke Village (Room 373)
Folkypoke Village (Room 373) Zip Archive
Folkypoke Village (Room 374)
Folkypoke Village (Room 374) Zip Archive
Folkypoke Village (Room 376)
Folkypoke Village (Room 376) Zip Archive
Folkypoke Village: Awa
Folkypoke Village: Awa Zip Archive
General Store
General Store Zip Archive
Goemon Magic Training Room
Goemon Magic Training Room Zip Archive
Goemon's House Interior
Goemon's House Interior Zip Archive
Gold Suite
Gold Suite Zip Archive
Inn Zip Archive
Kai Highway (Room 300)
Kai Highway (Room 300) Zip Archive
Kompira Mountain Grounds Shrine Shop
Kompira Mountain Grounds Shrine Shop Zip Archive
Machi (Room 362)
Machi (Room 362) Zip Archive
Machi (Room 363)
Machi (Room 363) Zip Archive
Machi (Room 364)
Machi (Room 364) Zip Archive
Machi (Room 366)
Machi (Room 366) Zip Archive
Machi (Room 371)
Machi (Room 371) Zip Archive
Mokubei Home Interior
Mokubei Home Interior Zip Archive
Mt Fuji: Summit
Mt Fuji: Summit Zip Archive
Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji Zip Archive
Mt. Fuji Interior
Mt. Fuji Interior Zip Archive
Mt. Nyoigatake
Mt. Nyoigatake Zip Archive
Mt. Nyoigatake Walkway
Mt. Nyoigatake Walkway Zip Archive
Musashi Zip Archive
Mutsu: Mt. Fear Witch's House
Mutsu: Mt. Fear Witch's House Zip Archive
Oedo (Room 350)
Oedo (Room 350) Zip Archive
Oedo (Room 353)
Oedo (Room 353) Zip Archive
Oedo (Room 354)
Oedo (Room 354) Zip Archive
Oedo (Room 355)
Oedo (Room 355) Zip Archive
Oedo (Room 356)
Oedo (Room 356) Zip Archive
Oedo (Room 357)
Oedo (Room 357) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 000-001)
Oedo Castle (Room 000-001) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 002)
Oedo Castle (Room 002) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 003)
Oedo Castle (Room 003) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 004)
Oedo Castle (Room 004) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 005)
Oedo Castle (Room 005) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 006)
Oedo Castle (Room 006) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 007)
Oedo Castle (Room 007) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 008)
Oedo Castle (Room 008) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 009)
Oedo Castle (Room 009) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 010)
Oedo Castle (Room 010) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 011)
Oedo Castle (Room 011) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 012)
Oedo Castle (Room 012) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 013)
Oedo Castle (Room 013) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 014)
Oedo Castle (Room 014) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 015)
Oedo Castle (Room 015) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 016)
Oedo Castle (Room 016) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 017)
Oedo Castle (Room 017) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 018-019)
Oedo Castle (Room 018-019) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 020)
Oedo Castle (Room 020) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 021)
Oedo Castle (Room 021) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 022-025)
Oedo Castle (Room 022-025) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 026)
Oedo Castle (Room 026) Zip Archive
Oedo Castle (Room 027-046)
Oedo Castle (Room 027-046) Zip Archive
Oedo Tourist Center
Oedo Tourist Center Zip Archive
Oedo Town (Room 351)
Oedo Town (Room 351) Zip Archive
Oedo Town (Room 358)
Oedo Town (Room 358) Zip Archive
Oedo Town: Front of Castle (Room 352)
Oedo Town: Front of Castle (Room 352) Zip Archive
Plasma Fortune Telling Interior
Plasma Fortune Telling Interior Zip Archive
Police Station
Police Station Zip Archive
Sasuke Magic Training Room
Sasuke Magic Training Room Zip Archive
Shinano: Iga
Shinano: Iga Zip Archive
Shop (Room 400)
Shop (Room 400) Zip Archive
Shop (Room 443)
Shop (Room 443) Zip Archive
Shop (Room 449)
Shop (Room 449) Zip Archive
Shop (Room 463)
Shop (Room 463) Zip Archive
Silver Room
Silver Room Zip Archive
Tsurami Boss Room
Tsurami Boss Room Zip Archive
Tunnel Zip Archive
Zazen (Room 359)
Zazen (Room 359) Zip Archive
Zazen (Room 360)
Zazen (Room 360) Zip Archive
Zazen Town: Duck Creek Upstream
Zazen Town: Duck Creek Upstream Zip Archive
Zazen Town: Gojo Ohashi Bridge
Zazen Town: Gojo Ohashi Bridge Zip Archive
Zazen Town: Golden Temple
Zazen Town: Golden Temple Zip Archive
Zazen Town: Shopping District
Zazen Town: Shopping District Zip Archive
Console Genre Developers
Nintendo 64 Action-Adventure Developer coming soon!
Pending Models: 16
  • Balberra
  • D'Etoile
  • Japan Sea - Underwater
  • Kii - Awaji Island
  • Kii - Torii Gate
  • Koryuta
  • Mini Balberra
  • Mutsu
  • Mutsu - Shoreline
  • Pot
  • Thaisamba 2
  • Thaisamba2 Arena
  • Tunnel to the Northeast 1
  • Tunnel to the Northeast 2
  • Turtle Rock Bamboo Forest
  • Ugo - Stone Circle
Tagging is in the works and will be here soon!
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