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Skull Kid
Playable Characters
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Submitter ThatTrueStruggle
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Zip Contents[29]
  • Skull Kid/000.png
  • Skull Kid/000_comp.png
  • Skull Kid/001.png
  • Skull Kid/002.png
  • Skull Kid/003.png
  • Skull Kid/004.png
  • Skull Kid/A Link Between Worlds/000.png
  • Skull Kid/A Link Between Worlds/001.png
  • Skull Kid/A Link Between Worlds/002.png
  • Skull Kid/A Link Between Worlds/003.png
  • Skull Kid/A Link Between Worlds/004.png
  • Skull Kid/Hyrule Warriors Legends Outfit/000.png
  • Skull Kid/Hyrule Warriors Legends Outfit/001.png
  • Skull Kid/Hyrule Warriors Legends Outfit/002.png
  • Skull Kid/Hyrule Warriors Legends Outfit/003.png
  • Skull Kid/Hyrule Warriors Legends Outfit/004.png
  • Skull Kid/Link's Awakening Outfit/000.png
  • Skull Kid/Link's Awakening Outfit/001.png
  • Skull Kid/Link's Awakening Outfit/002.png
  • Skull Kid/Link's Awakening Outfit/003.png
  • Skull Kid/Link's Awakening Outfit/004.png
  • Skull Kid/model.dae
  • Skull Kid/Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Outfit/000.png
  • Skull Kid/Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Outfit/001.png
  • Skull Kid/Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Outfit/002.png
  • Skull Kid/Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Outfit/003.png
  • Skull Kid/Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Outfit/004.png
  • Skull Kid/render_large.png
  • Skull Kid/render_small.png
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