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Submitter Hallow
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  • Pikachu/bd0001_00_pikachu.dae
  • Pikachu/bd0001_00_pikachu.FBX
  • Pikachu/bd0001_00_pikachuOpenCollada.dae
  • Pikachu/bd0001_00_pikachu_col.dae
  • Pikachu/bd0001_00_pikachu_col.FBX
  • Pikachu/bd0001_00_pikachu_colOpenCollada.dae
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_amb_B.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_amb_G.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_amb_r.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_col.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_fur.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_fur_a.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_00_00.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_01.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_02.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_03.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_04.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_05.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_06.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_08.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_18.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_19.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_20.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_lyc_99.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodya_sdw.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyb_amb_B.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyb_col.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyb_emi.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyb_fur.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyb_fur_a.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyb_sdw.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyc_amb_B.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyc_amb_G.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyc_amb_r.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyc_col.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyc_fur.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyc_fur_a.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_bodyc_sdw.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_body_lta.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_eye_col.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_eye_env.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_eye_nor.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_eye_sdw.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_hair_amb_B.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_hair_amb_r.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_hair_col.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_hair_fur.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_hair_fur_a.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_hair_sdw.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_mouth_amb_B.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_mouth_col.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/bd0001_00_mouth_sdw.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/chara_d_alpha.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/chara_d_ambient.png
  • Pikachu/Textures/chara_d_white.png
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Mar 23, 2019, 8:47 AM
@Random Talking Bush, thank you for the information, it's very helpful. I think you mean doing this in 3D software? Are there any ways I can achieve this in Unity? Thank you.
Mar 5, 2019, 7:35 AM
@akuago220: Make the "BodyA" into a composite-texture material, then apply the shirt texture to the upper layer with UV mapping set #2 instead.
Posted Image
Mar 5, 2019, 7:04 AM
Nice to see this model up and running, but shame there doesn't seem to be a way to implement the additional shirt textures it came with. Not even a mesh or material to apply them to.
Dec 18, 2018, 12:49 AM
Really diggin that yellow afro lol
Dec 15, 2018, 6:00 PM
ew the hair
Dec 2, 2018, 6:51 PM
Is this my new VRChat avatar?
Nov 23, 2018, 6:02 PM
I'm really glad Pikachu has a poseable face this time instead of it being texture-based facial expressions. They're not really a problem for me, I've gotten quite used to having to use the texture facials on other Pokemon models, but it's just a personal preference for me having an actual poseable face on all the models I use.
Thank you, Hallow, for ripping this little guy~ X3
Nov 23, 2018, 12:23 PM
definitely different from x/y :),we have real geometry on the face and not just texture animation this time
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