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Unique Trainers
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  • Mina/chara_d_alpha.png
  • Mina/chara_d_ambient.png
  • Mina/chara_d_white.png
  • Mina/chara_lta_00.png
  • Mina/chara_lta_01.png
  • Mina/chara_spc_03.png
  • Mina/chara_spc_20.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_body_amb_b.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_body_amb_g.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_body_amb_r.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_body_col.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_eye_col.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_fairy.dae
  • Mina/tr0090_00_fairy.smd
  • Mina/tr0090_00_fairyOpenColleda.dae
  • Mina/tr0090_00_hair_amb_b.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_hair_amb_g.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_hair_amb_r.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_hair_col.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_hair_spc.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_obja_col.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_objb_col.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_skin_amb_b.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_skin_amb_g.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_skin_amb_r.png
  • Mina/tr0090_00_skin_col.png
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Dec 13, 2018, 6:08 AM
@KurainoOni I think she's like ten since to be chief you have to be no older 18 to be one. She must have been very young to be an Island Chief. lol
Nov 24, 2018, 2:34 PM
As far as I know, the Timeline is weird in Let's Go, as Red, Blue and Green have already been on their Journey, minus the "Red beats Team Rocket" stuff, that is happening in Chase/Elaines journey. Blue specifically mentions that they were using Paper Maps in their days, which dates their own journey anywhere from possibly 10 years back, yet they look the way they look in this game. Wally is an Oddity as well, since he didn't appear to have aged either, while he should have been as old as Red and Blue Oak, even Annabel has aged in SuMo & USUM.

To me Mina looks slightly younger, maybe 14-16 years old. In SuMo she is roughly in her early twenties. As to why she is in Kanto, Spoiler:She missed the departure of the SS Anne, while she was Painting the waves
Nov 24, 2018, 6:18 AM
How is she in the game and why is she as old as she is in Sun/Moon?
Red and Green in Sun/Moon were clearly aged. She should be around preschooler or something in this game.
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