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Warp Pipe
Stage Objects
Filesize 3.60 MB
Submitter Ziella
Format ZIP
Hits 5,331
Comments 4

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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[30]
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanbody_alb.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanbody_mtl.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanbody_nrm.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanbody_rgh.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanchange2dbody_alb.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanchange2dbody_mtl.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanchange2dbody_nrm.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanchange2dbody_rgh.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanconerbody_alb.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanconerbody_nrm.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanconerbody_rgh.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanmoonbody_alb.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanmoonbody_mtl.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanmoonbody_nrm.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanmoonbody_rgh.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanstraight8mbody_alb.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanstraight8mbody_nrm.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/dokanstraight8mbody_rgh.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/moonrocksurface_alb.png
  • Warp Pipe/Textures/moonrocksurface_nrm.png
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe (Moon).dae
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe (Moon).fbx
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe (Pixel).dae
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe (Pixel).fbx
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe (Straight).dae
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe (Straight).fbx
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe.dae
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe.fbx
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe Corner.dae
  • Warp Pipe/Warp Pipe Corner.fbx
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Apr 14, 2019, 8:28 PM
Did it take anybody else 10 mins to separate these? Just me? Ok...
Oct 31, 2018, 9:27 PM
i bet the 8 bit pipe is high polyer than the classic. The classic is round, which is low poly, instead the 8 bit one is made of sqares, and its harder and it takes more triangles.

Edit: i was right, but they are low polyer than i expected. The normal one is 320 tries and the 8 bit one is 332. Difference is only 12 tries. the low polier one is the moon pipe, with only 289 tries.
Oct 30, 2018, 3:52 AM
Nope. I use Blender 2.79 so I didn't use EEVEE. Don't even really know what it is.
Oct 30, 2018, 12:09 AM
Aww yeah, check out that metalness! Also, Ziella, did you use EEVEE to render this? I think I can spot some screen space reflection on the retro pipe over there.
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