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Ancient Gerudo Sage
Category Nintendo Switch
Non-Playable Characters
Submitter Qw2
Size 15.36 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 1,044
Comments 4

Download Zip Archive
Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[45]
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/ancient_gerudo_sage.dae
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/ancient_gerudo_sage.fbx
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_1f324dbb7774461a91a45b26557319bb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_4ef241d0fc2798a62baf02ff42983c61.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_12b305497904449c631321fd668e0dfe.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_300c58895eb6f1b716ec3eb72448b9ce.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_300c58895eb6f1b716ec3eb72448b9ce_g_b_a.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_300c58895eb6f1b716ec3eb72448b9ce_r.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_ba5a168e38de4f79842c072d617f7f3d.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_d66073cfe54746c3679f205def71f471.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_fd4686c5bc3488121f7361ba873f038e.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Fx.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Ind.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Ind_g_b_a.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Ind_r.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Thunder_Dm_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Thunder_Dm_Gn4.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Thunder_Dm_Gn4_g_b_a.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Thunder_Dm_Gn4_r.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Thunder_Dm_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/eye_light/shared_npc_eyelight.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Body_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Body_Damage_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Body_Gn3.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Body_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Body_Spm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Body_Spm_g_b_a.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Body_Spm_r.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Face_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Face_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Face_Spm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Hair_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Hair_Damage_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Hair_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Hair_Spm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Mask_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Mask_AO.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Mask_Damage_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Mask_Gn3.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Mask_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Skin_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Skin_Damage_Alb.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Skin_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/Npc_Gerudo_AncientSage_Skin_Spm.png
  • Ancient Gerudo Sage/README.txt
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Nov 8, 2023, 6:51 AM
@Qw2 Thanks for the quick reply! Copying the UVs from Riju's stone worked. Yeah, Blender gets a bit weird importing UVs sometimes.
Nov 7, 2023, 9:15 AM
@Laser Penguin it turns out that was one of those cases where Blender exported the UVs incorrectly. I submitted a revision for the model that should fix the issue, but in the meantime, I'm fairly sure Riju's stone has the correct UVs.
For future reference, even for the revision's .dae Blender still doesn't load the UVs for the stone properly despite me confirming they are there with 3DS Max. So something is up with the .dae importer 😅
Nov 7, 2023, 7:11 AM
When I import the .fbx on Blender 3.6.2 the Secret Stone UVs don't seem to work (the rest work perfectly). I'm quite new to this stuff so I'm probably doing something wrong. Has this happened to anyone else?
Nov 5, 2023, 12:44 PM
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