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Ancient Zora Sage
Category Nintendo Switch
Non-Playable Characters
Submitter Qw2
Size 11.67 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
Hits 862
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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[42]
  • Ancient Zora Sage/ancient_zora_sage.dae
  • Ancient Zora Sage/ancient_zora_sage.fbx
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_1f324dbb7774461a91a45b26557319bb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_9b29d95fa07e4600c7acea3a8452c309.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_9dbe0fccbf46a872b44996c97cff1145.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_12b305497904449c631321fd668e0dfe.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_202b280ed1c6a0327825612c545dfdd1.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_548de06efca77e5468c3c8bb8da864f6.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Fx.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Ind.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Ind_g_b_a.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Ind_r.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Water_Dm_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Water_Dm_Gn4.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Water_Dm_Gn4_g_b_a.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Water_Dm_Gn4_r.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/CmnTex_SecretStone_Water_Dm_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/eye_light/shared_npc_eyelight.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Accessory_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Accessory_Damage_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Accessory_Gn3.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Accessory_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Accessory_Spm.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Accessory_Spm_g_b_a.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Accessory_Spm_r.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Body_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Body_Damage_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Body_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Body_Spm.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Face_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Face_AO.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Face_Damage_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Face_Spm.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Mask_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Mask_AO.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Mask_Damage_Alb.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Mask_Gn3.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Mask_Nrm.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Mask_Spm.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Mask_Spm_g_b_a.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/Npc_Zora_AncientSage_Mask_Spm_r.png
  • Ancient Zora Sage/README.txt
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Nov 12, 2023, 3:51 PM
Yeah, the under the head appearance isn’t canon or anything though, so you could be right. If you look under the goron sage’s mask you will find nothing, so any of the sages heads are just placeholders.
Nov 11, 2023, 1:00 AM
So THAT'S what she looks like under that helmet! I always believed the Ancient Zora, Goron, and Gerudo sages to be Ruto, Darunia, and Nabooru from OoT. Or at the very least distant relatives of theirs.
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