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Silver the Hedgehog
Filesize 2.90 MB
Submitter Random Talking Bush
Format ZIP
Hits 28,453
Comments 5

Download Zip Archive
Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[36]
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_body01_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_body01_fal_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_body01_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell2_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell3_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell4_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell5_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell6_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell7_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell8_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cell_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cloth_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cloth_nrm_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cloth_pow_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_cloth_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_eye_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_eye_nrm_BA_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_eye_nrm_RG_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_eye_spc_B_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_eye_spc_G_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_eye_spc_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_eye_spc_R_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_fur1_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_fur_dif_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_light_dif.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_ring_ref_alpha_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_ring_ref_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_shoe_ref_alpha_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_shoe_ref_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/images/chr_silver_white_ref_HD.png
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/Silver.SMD
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/Silver_ColladaMax.DAE
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/Silver_MouthL.SMD
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/Silver_MouthR.SMD
  • Sonic Generations/Silver/Tag.txt
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Oct 6, 2019, 9:41 AM
this Model's Textures load fine, however it has a very glossy material
May 5, 2019, 4:36 PM
whenever I use this model, there is a problem with the hands because for some reason when I load it in blender latest version, the hands have purple squares on each palm and where the circle light should be on his hand, so I get when textured a hand which has purple on it and I have no idea how to fix this issue, since the picture on this website doesn't show the purple on silvers hand, so confused?..its the same for the forces model as well.
Nov 12, 2017, 8:51 PM
I use blender and none of the textures OR the fur appear
Jul 23, 2015, 8:44 AM
(TheCrusherMC) What program do you use?
Jul 30, 2014, 2:13 AM
I can't get the fur to show up when I render
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