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Posted by Peardian - August 6, 2022 - 5:05 PM
There is a big variety of stuff here in this update, so let's dive into it! The big highlights here are the large batch of Kirby keychains (and other, non-keychain things) from SuprRooster and lots of low-poly Disney stuff from Chopsuey621. Other highlights include Pokémon Home, Star Fox Adventures, two Digimon titles, and Little King's Story. Be sure to also check out the batch of custom models as well!

Here is a tip for Blender users: have you noticed that exporting models sometimes adds extra "_end" little bones everywhere? These bones can be a nuisance and don't really belong with the model. To turn this feature off, find and disable the "Add Leaf Bones" option in your export settings. (Thanks to SuprRooster for this tip!)

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