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Posted by Peardian - May 6, 2023 - 5:57 PM
You know what time it is! April has already zoomed by, but we still managed to bring you all a nice big batch of models. The biggest highlights this time are Dragon Quest IX from Boxy, Angry Birds Evolution from stormygaret15, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart from Slipsy. There are plenty of other models here as well, many of which are coincidentally animal-themed. Be sure to check out the dozen new custom models as well! The Pizza Tower characters by Artsmen are particularly impressive.

Here's today's model tip: Models do not contain the texture files inside them (with two exceptions). Model formats like OBJ and DAE only know the name of the texture they were exported with, and that's it. The only common model formats that do allow textures to be packed inside them are FBX and GLB. However, we do not allow the use of this feature, since it either prevents people from accessing the textures if they can't open the model, or it creates unnecessary duplicates. For this reason, be sure to always keep the textures with your model! Also, if you change the name of the textures after you export it, the model will still try to look for the old name, so be careful! If you need to rename a texture, update the model as well.

By the way, be sure to get the newest version of the Model Checker Tool if you haven't already. The latest updates allow it to detect even more problems and reduces false positives.

Anyway, enjoy!
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