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Billy & Mandy
Category Wii
Playable Characters
Submitters BillyBnMOfficial, lemurboy12
Size 4.77 MB
Format ZIP (application/zip)
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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[120]
  • Billy and Mandy/BillyAlt Nose.png
  • Billy and Mandy/BillyTeeth.png
  • Billy and Mandy/c_bilmand_color.dae
  • Billy and Mandy/c_bilmand_color.fbx
  • Billy and Mandy/c_bilmand_cos.dae
  • Billy and Mandy/c_bilmand_cos.fbx
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes2 Black.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes2.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes3 Black.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes3.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes4 Black.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes4.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes5 Black.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes Black.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyEyes Closed.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyMouth.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyMouth2.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyMouth3.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyMouth4.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyMouth5.png
  • Billy and Mandy/MandyMouth6.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_02beeab9e76ace93_5d030123a21c1f71_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_02beeab9e76ace93_f3813a7aac126bcc_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_0295e318b27fa1d5_01b714cac31f4dea_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_0295e318b27fa1d5_546839029aa57fcb_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_1c8cd4122ad2adbd_02361adf4d86f7d9_9_arb.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_1c8cd4122ad2adbd_e973958cc0f119dc_9_arb.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_1d6309a0750bd985_7f1cb0186e530ad9_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_1d6309a0750bd985_d2c15e19901d658e_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_7a73c09be5d929b7_7b9e2c6c45ed5f35_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_7a73c09be5d929b7_532841ce578bda95_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_43bd56a0b30e56a8_dc05c4b60e6d2b53_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_43bd56a0b30e56a8_f7af5c2c30a685be_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_64fe8856821b39f6_072ac5bbbbdf5f39_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_64fe8856821b39f6_73a86385dff790da_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_73d317cad751d89c_62563b44c3f81078_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_73d317cad751d89c_a037fb508f407d12_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_634d72a7a12f8039_5fa3e327555f4f5e_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_634d72a7a12f8039_8ab0ce79f11af4ae_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_2409dece8e5603b3_b857124b36520b62_9_arb.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_2409dece8e5603b3_e4ffd1fa069c7641_9_arb.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_abb81eea4796d543_6dc739c9cde2338e_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_abb81eea4796d543_355ea6bb340888e3_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_b95963ede44d39c0_1bca073fa996392e_9_arb.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_b95963ede44d39c0_d1964de0d32521b3_9_arb.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_cf9a664af246325b_6db258a65c3a5987_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_cf9a664af246325b_b180dcbee145bdea_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_dc415517cea67589_95416e29bf9c8ed7_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_dc415517cea67589_c58c4661c46123f5_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_dd65148864a98000_023314074cb17f3a_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_dd65148864a98000_ccd100c2ae7ab2f6_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_eed19719a7c2c573_0bb5ec2e68e4c516_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_64x32_m_eed19719a7c2c573_4c5405c689441363_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_128x32_m_84042cd361075f74_5e1f8ad916598927_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_128x32_m_84042cd361075f74_348c4ee160349ec1_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_128x128_m_37efd07ef2fe3b80_65e313721e8b5a36_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/Original Textures/tex1_128x128_m_37efd07ef2fe3b80_586c17a6d67ed756_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/Billy.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/Billybot.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/BillybotNose.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/BillyHead.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/BillyHeadHD.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/BillyHeadHD2.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/BillyTeeth.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/Mandroid.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/Mandy.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes2.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes3.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes4.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes5.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes6.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes7.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes8.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes10.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes Black.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes Black2.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes Black3.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes Black4.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes Black5.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes Black6.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes Black7.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyEyes Black8.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyHD.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyHD2.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyHD3.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyHD4.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyHead.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth2.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth3.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth4.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth5.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth6.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth7.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth8.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/PS3 textures/MandyMouth10.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x32_m_6de43fec373f8b80_f4ef8f17ac06df82_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x32_m_93ac52954532f2d9_7d672dde51486d69_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x32_m_56556244e1c3cc21_6c9547f1f9abe02f_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x32_m_fb7552920c728916_b24ea1f542234ab3_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x64_m_2c6d0e8b7982c50e_c325b59ee5348d63_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x64_m_278f4407f20d64bb_15e182e614d9e5fc_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x64_m_eaa0bfe85035fb49_d21e4eec7d35dabb_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x64_m_f312699fbd63e3fc_ca35192b84a16247_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x128_m_9b10998df2f02d1d_9be6db4c4b455ba9_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x128_m_42a401b864485467_41de44c528ee2637_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x128_m_71cbd488cbdc35db_5aafda8c9f16b420_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x128_m_544b81cb227caf3c_0d6b86471ceae0b3_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x128_m_62589cf0fb0b6ee3_46f43b382bba8c6b_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x128_m_ac17a27220149bdb_f3ec68fe7dc8733b_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x128_m_caa18530afe36d05_cf553ed869eff9ec_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_64x128_m_e271294e65111659_7ecdee035b6e4f2c_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_128x128_m_0982a8c135be5545_ce0153c3be201277_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_128x128_m_5aa2ca5e21bee5c8_520ad27617bf7255_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_128x128_m_170a61b2542a6121_c08217607b943a1f_9.png
  • Billy and Mandy/tex1_128x128_m_edf622caadbb11f4_3505aa0204121cce_9.png
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Jul 12, 2023, 3:55 AM
Hey people, just letting y'all know that I'm waiting on a revision for them that includes higher quality Billy textures from the Wii version as well as other HD textures I missed. So enjoy this thing I did until then
Posted Image
Jul 6, 2023, 6:19 PM
Mandy looks cleaner now!!
May 18, 2023, 6:46 PM
Dec 10, 2020, 6:23 PM
"...and I tell them I want a ghost pizza!"
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