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Playable Characters
Filesize 18.62 MB
Submitter ThatTrueStruggle
Format ZIP
Hits 7,137
Comments 4

Download Zip Archive
Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[48]
- Ganondorf/0.png
- Ganondorf/1.png
- Ganondorf/2.png
- Ganondorf/3.png
- Ganondorf/4.png
- Ganondorf/Boss Pack/0.png
- Ganondorf/Boss Pack/1.png
- Ganondorf/Boss Pack/2.png
- Ganondorf/Boss Pack/3.png
- Ganondorf/Boss Pack/4.png
- Ganondorf/Era of the Hero of Time/0.png
- Ganondorf/Era of the Hero of Time/1.png
- Ganondorf/Era of the Hero of Time/2.png
- Ganondorf/Era of the Hero of Time/3.png
- Ganondorf/Era of the Hero of Time/4.png
- Ganondorf/Era of the Hero of Time/model.mtl
- Ganondorf/Era of the Hero of Time/model.obj
- Ganondorf/Era of Twilight/0.png
- Ganondorf/Era of Twilight/1.png
- Ganondorf/Era of Twilight/2.png
- Ganondorf/Era of Twilight/3.png
- Ganondorf/Era of Twilight/4.png
- Ganondorf/Era of Twilight/model.mtl
- Ganondorf/Era of Twilight/model.obj
- Ganondorf/Master Quest/0.png
- Ganondorf/Master Quest/1.png
- Ganondorf/Master Quest/2.png
- Ganondorf/Master Quest/3.png
- Ganondorf/Master Quest/4.png
- Ganondorf/model.mtl
- Ganondorf/model.obj
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/0.png
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/1.png
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/2.png
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/3.png
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/4.png
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/5.png
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/6.png
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/7.png
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/model.mtl
- Ganondorf/Odolwa's Remains/model.obj
- Ganondorf/render_large.png
- Ganondorf/render_small.png
- Ganondorf/Twilight Princess/0.png
- Ganondorf/Twilight Princess/1.png
- Ganondorf/Twilight Princess/2.png
- Ganondorf/Twilight Princess/3.png
- Ganondorf/Twilight Princess/4.png
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Aug 9, 2017, 3:12 AM
Yeah I figured out how to get rigging right after uploading so I'll after I get the models I'll upload it.
Aug 8, 2017, 1:53 PM
I don't mean to be a downer, but isn't it possible to rip the models as .FBX files or something rigged instead? I know it's at least entirely possible to do, even if the physics controlled portions come out without skinning. At the very least though, the model weights would be intact and they'd be more useful... I don't know your conversion process, but I've even extracted models with rigging myself. I'm just saying, for the community as a whole, the models intact with original rigging would probably be better for preservation's sake. I do apologize too. I don't mean to come across as rude or needy, but the .obj filetype is usually pretty useless if one wants the model to function as originally intended.
Aug 8, 2017, 6:23 AM
No problem. x)
Aug 8, 2017, 3:24 AM
Thank you so so much for this!
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