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#785 Tapu Koko
Pokémon (7th Generation)
Filesize 2.17 MB
Submitter Hallow
Format ZIP
Hits 11,223
Comments 1

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Download Zip Archive
Zip Contents[16]
  • #780 Drampa 2.png
  • Tapu Koko/model.dae
  • Tapu Koko/model.fbx
  • Tapu Koko/model.smd
  • Tapu Koko/Shiny/pm0830_00_Body1.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Shiny/pm0830_00_Body3.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Shiny/pm0830_00_BodyNor.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Shiny/pm0830_00_Eye1.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Shiny/pm0830_00_Eye3.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Shiny/pm0830_00_EyeNor.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Textures/pm0830_00_Body1.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Textures/pm0830_00_Body3.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Textures/pm0830_00_BodyNor.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Textures/pm0830_00_Eye1.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Textures/pm0830_00_Eye3.tga.png
  • Tapu Koko/Textures/pm0830_00_EyeNor.tga.png
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Jan 22, 2017, 12:18 AM
I really don't want to sound the the kid that goes around begging for things to be added to Gmod without even thinking. I'm i understand you have a long busy "to do list" but if you have any spare time do you think it's possible that you could add the tapu's and the 2 legendarys into gmod, if not then it's fine. thank you
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