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Splatoon 2
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Splatoon 2
Splatoon 2
Playable Characters
Clothing (Headgear)
18K Aviators
18K Aviators Zip Archive
Anglerfish Mask
Anglerfish Mask Zip Archive
Annaki Beret
Annaki Beret Zip Archive
Annaki Beret & Glasses
Annaki Beret & Glasses Zip Archive
Annaki Mask
Annaki Mask Zip Archive
B-ball Headband
B-ball Headband Zip Archive
Backwards Cap
Backwards Cap Zip Archive
Beekeeper Hat
Beekeeper Hat Zip Archive
Bike Helmet
Bike Helmet Zip Archive
Black Arrowbands
Black Arrowbands Zip Archive
Black FishFry Bandana
Black FishFry Bandana Zip Archive
Blowfish Newsie
Blowfish Newsie Zip Archive
Bobble Hat
Bobble Hat Zip Archive
Camo Mesh
Camo Mesh Zip Archive
Cap of Legend
Cap of Legend Zip Archive
Conductor Cap
Conductor Cap Zip Archive
Cycle King Cap
Cycle King Cap Zip Archive
Cycling Cap
Cycling Cap Zip Archive
Deca Tackle Visor Helmet
Deca Tackle Visor Helmet Zip Archive
Designer Headphones
Designer Headphones Zip Archive
Digi-Camo Forge Mask
Digi-Camo Forge Mask Zip Archive
Do-Rag, Cap, & Glasses
Do-Rag, Cap, & Glasses Zip Archive
Double Egg Shades
Double Egg Shades Zip Archive
Dust Blocker 2000
Dust Blocker 2000 Zip Archive
Eel-Cake Hat
Eel-Cake Hat Zip Archive
Eye of Justice
Eye of Justice Zip Archive
Face Visor
Face Visor Zip Archive
Fierce Fishskull
Fierce Fishskull Zip Archive
Firefin Facemask
Firefin Facemask Zip Archive
FishFry Biscuit Bandana
FishFry Biscuit Bandana Zip Archive
FishFry Visor
FishFry Visor Zip Archive
Five-Panel Cap
Five-Panel Cap Zip Archive
Full Moon Glasses
Full Moon Glasses Zip Archive
Gas Mask
Gas Mask Zip Archive
Golden Toothpick
Golden Toothpick Zip Archive
Golf Visor
Golf Visor Zip Archive
Half-Rim Glasses
Half-Rim Glasses Zip Archive
Headlamp Helmet
Headlamp Helmet Zip Archive
Hickory Work Cap
Hickory Work Cap Zip Archive
Hivemind Antenna
Hivemind Antenna Zip Archive
Hockey Helmet
Hockey Helmet Zip Archive
House-Tag Denim Cap
House-Tag Denim Cap Zip Archive
Jellyvader Cap
Jellyvader Cap Zip Archive
Jet Cap
Jet Cap Zip Archive
Jetflame Crest
Jetflame Crest Zip Archive
Jogging Headband
Jogging Headband Zip Archive
King Facemask
King Facemask Zip Archive
King Flip Mesh
King Flip Mesh Zip Archive
Knitted Hat
Knitted Hat Zip Archive
Koshien Bandana
Koshien Bandana Zip Archive
Kyonshi Hat
Kyonshi Hat Zip Archive
Lightweight Cap
Lightweight Cap Zip Archive
Long-Billed Cap
Long-Billed Cap Zip Archive
Matte Bike Helmet
Matte Bike Helmet Zip Archive
Motocross Nose Guard
Motocross Nose Guard Zip Archive
MTB Helmet
MTB Helmet Zip Archive
New Year's Glasses DX
New Year's Glasses DX Zip Archive
Noise Cancelers
Noise Cancelers Zip Archive
Oceanic Hard Hat
Oceanic Hard Hat Zip Archive
Octo Tackle Helmet Deco
Octo Tackle Helmet Deco Zip Archive
Octoking Facemask
Octoking Facemask Zip Archive
Octoleet Goggles
Octoleet Goggles Zip Archive
Paintball Mask
Paintball Mask Zip Archive
Painter's Mask
Painter's Mask Zip Archive
Paisley Bandana
Paisley Bandana Zip Archive
Pilot Goggles
Pilot Goggles Zip Archive
Pilot Hat
Pilot Hat Zip Archive
Retro Specs
Retro Specs Zip Archive
Sailor Cap
Sailor Cap Zip Archive
Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie
Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie Zip Archive
Sennyu Goggles
Sennyu Goggles Zip Archive
Sennyu Headphones
Sennyu Headphones Zip Archive
Sennyu Specs
Sennyu Specs Zip Archive
Short Beanie
Short Beanie Zip Archive
Skate Helmet
Skate Helmet Zip Archive
Skull Bandana
Skull Bandana Zip Archive
Sneaky Beanie
Sneaky Beanie Zip Archive
Soccer Headband
Soccer Headband Zip Archive
Special Forces Beret
Special Forces Beret Zip Archive
Splash Goggles
Splash Goggles Zip Archive
Sporty Bobble Hat
Sporty Bobble Hat Zip Archive
Squash Headband
Squash Headband Zip Archive
Squid Facemask
Squid Facemask Zip Archive
Squid Nordic
Squid Nordic Zip Archive
Squid-Stitch Cap
Squid-Stitch Cap Zip Archive
Squidfin Hook Cans
Squidfin Hook Cans Zip Archive
Squidlife Headphones
Squidlife Headphones Zip Archive
Squidvader Cap
Squidvader Cap Zip Archive
Stealth Goggles
Stealth Goggles Zip Archive
Streetstyle Cap
Streetstyle Cap Zip Archive
Striped Beanie
Striped Beanie Zip Archive
Studio Headphones
Studio Headphones Zip Archive
Sun Visor
Sun Visor Zip Archive
SV925 Circle Shades
SV925 Circle Shades Zip Archive
Takoroka Mesh
Takoroka Mesh Zip Archive
Takoroka Visor
Takoroka Visor Zip Archive
Tennis Headband
Tennis Headband Zip Archive
Tinted Shades
Tinted Shades Zip Archive
Twisty Headband
Twisty Headband Zip Archive
Two-Stripe Mesh
Two-Stripe Mesh Zip Archive
Urchins Cap
Urchins Cap Zip Archive
Visor Skate Helmet
Visor Skate Helmet Zip Archive
Welding Mask
Welding Mask Zip Archive
White Arrowbands
White Arrowbands Zip Archive
Woolly Urchins Classic
Woolly Urchins Classic Zip Archive
Worker's Head Towel
Worker's Head Towel Zip Archive
Yamagiri Beanie
Yamagiri Beanie Zip Archive
Zekko Cap
Zekko Cap Zip Archive
Zekko Mesh
Zekko Mesh Zip Archive
Clothing (Shirts)
Aloha Shirt
Aloha Shirt Zip Archive
Anchor Life Vest
Anchor Life Vest Zip Archive
Anchor Sweat
Anchor Sweat Zip Archive
Annaki Blue Cuff
Annaki Blue Cuff Zip Archive
Annaki Drive Tee
Annaki Drive Tee Zip Archive
Annaki Evolution Tee
Annaki Evolution Tee Zip Archive
Annaki Flannel Hoodie
Annaki Flannel Hoodie Zip Archive
Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee
Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee Zip Archive
Annaki Red Cuff
Annaki Red Cuff Zip Archive
Annaki Yellow Cuff
Annaki Yellow Cuff Zip Archive
B-ball Jersey (Away)
B-ball Jersey (Away) Zip Archive
B-ball Jersey (Home)
B-ball Jersey (Home) Zip Archive
Baby-Jelly Shirt
Baby-Jelly Shirt Zip Archive
Baby-Jelly Shirt & Tie
Baby-Jelly Shirt & Tie Zip Archive
Baseball Jersey
Baseball Jersey Zip Archive
Berry Ski Jacket
Berry Ski Jacket Zip Archive
Birded Corduroy Jacket
Birded Corduroy Jacket Zip Archive
Black 8-Bit FishFry
Black 8-Bit FishFry Zip Archive
Black Anchor Tee
Black Anchor Tee Zip Archive
Black Baseball LS
Black Baseball LS Zip Archive
Black Cuttlegear LS
Black Cuttlegear LS Zip Archive
Black Hoodie
Black Hoodie Zip Archive
Black Inky Rider
Black Inky Rider Zip Archive
Black Layered LS
Black Layered LS Zip Archive
Black LS
Black LS Zip Archive
Black Squideye
Black Squideye Zip Archive
Black Tee
Black Tee Zip Archive
Black Urchin Rock Tee
Black Urchin Rock Tee Zip Archive
Black V-Neck Tee
Black V-Neck Tee Zip Archive
Black Velour Octoking Tee
Black Velour Octoking Tee Zip Archive
Blue 16-Bit FishFry
Blue 16-Bit FishFry Zip Archive
Blue Peaks Tee
Blue Peaks Tee Zip Archive
Blue Sailor Suit
Blue Sailor Suit Zip Archive
Blue Tentatek Tee
Blue Tentatek Tee Zip Archive
Brown FA-11 Bomber
Brown FA-11 Bomber Zip Archive
Camo Layered LS
Camo Layered LS Zip Archive
Camo Zip Hoodie
Camo Zip Hoodie Zip Archive
Carnivore Tee
Carnivore Tee Zip Archive
Chili Octo Aloha
Chili Octo Aloha Zip Archive
Chili-Pepper Ski Jacket
Chili-Pepper Ski Jacket Zip Archive
Chilly Mountain Coat
Chilly Mountain Coat Zip Archive
Chirpy Chips Band Tee
Chirpy Chips Band Tee Zip Archive
Choco Layered LS
Choco Layered LS Zip Archive
Crimson Parashooter
Crimson Parashooter Zip Archive
Crustwear XXL
Crustwear XXL Zip Archive
Custom Painted F-3
Custom Painted F-3 Zip Archive
Cycle King Jersey
Cycle King Jersey Zip Archive
Cycling Shirt
Cycling Shirt Zip Archive
Dakro Golden Tee
Dakro Golden Tee Zip Archive
Dakro Nana Tee
Dakro Nana Tee Zip Archive
Dark Bomber Jacket
Dark Bomber Jacket Zip Archive
Dark Urban Vest
Dark Urban Vest Zip Archive
Deep-Octo Satin Jacket
Deep-Octo Satin Jacket Zip Archive
Dev Uniform
Dev Uniform Zip Archive
Dots-On-Dots Zip Archive
Eggplant Mountain Coat
Eggplant Mountain Coat Zip Archive
FA-01 Jacket
FA-01 Jacket Zip Archive
FA-01 Reversed
FA-01 Reversed Zip Archive
FC Albacore
FC Albacore Zip Archive
Firefin Navy Sweat
Firefin Navy Sweat Zip Archive
Firewave Tee
Firewave Tee Zip Archive
Fishing Vest
Fishing Vest Zip Archive
Forest Vest
Forest Vest Zip Archive
Forge Inkling Parka
Forge Inkling Parka Zip Archive
Forge Octarian Jacket
Forge Octarian Jacket Zip Archive
Fresh Octo Tee
Fresh Octo Tee Zip Archive
Friend Tee
Friend Tee Zip Archive
Front Zip Vest
Front Zip Vest Zip Archive
Fugu Tee
Fugu Tee Zip Archive
Garden Gear
Garden Gear Zip Archive
Grape Hoodie
Grape Hoodie Zip Archive
Grape Tee
Grape Tee Zip Archive
Gray 8-Bit FishFry
Gray 8-Bit FishFry Zip Archive
Gray College Sweat
Gray College Sweat Zip Archive
Gray FA-11 Bomber
Gray FA-11 Bomber Zip Archive
Gray Hoodie
Gray Hoodie Zip Archive
Gray Mixed Shirt
Gray Mixed Shirt Zip Archive
Gray Vector Tee
Gray Vector Tee Zip Archive
Green Cardigan
Green Cardigan Zip Archive
Green Striped LS
Green Striped LS Zip Archive
Green Tee
Green Tee Zip Archive
Green V-Neck Limited Tee
Green V-Neck Limited Tee Zip Archive
Green Velour Octoking Tee
Green Velour Octoking Tee Zip Archive
Green Zip Hoodie
Green Zip Hoodie Zip Archive
Green-Check Shirt
Green-Check Shirt Zip Archive
Half-Sleeve Sweater
Half-Sleeve Sweater Zip Archive
Herbivore Tee
Herbivore Tee Zip Archive
Hightide Era Band Tee
Hightide Era Band Tee Zip Archive
Hothouse Hoodie
Hothouse Hoodie Zip Archive
Hula Punk Shirt
Hula Punk Shirt Zip Archive
Icewave Tee
Icewave Tee Zip Archive
Ink-Wash Shirt
Ink-Wash Shirt Zip Archive
Inkfall Shirt
Inkfall Shirt Zip Archive
Inkopolis Squaps Jersey
Inkopolis Squaps Jersey Zip Archive
Ivory Peaks Tee
Ivory Peaks Tee Zip Archive
Juice Parka
Juice Parka Zip Archive
Kensa Coat
Kensa Coat Zip Archive
Khaki 16-Bit FishFry
Khaki 16-Bit FishFry Zip Archive
King Jersey
King Jersey Zip Archive
Krak-On 528
Krak-On 528 Zip Archive
Kung-Fu Zip-Up
Kung-Fu Zip-Up Zip Archive
Layered Anchor LS
Layered Anchor LS Zip Archive
Layered Vector LS
Layered Vector LS Zip Archive
League Tee
League Tee Zip Archive
Light Bomber Jacket
Light Bomber Jacket Zip Archive
Lime Easy-Stripe Shirt
Lime Easy-Stripe Shirt Zip Archive
Linen Shirt
Linen Shirt Zip Archive
Lob-Stars Jersey
Lob-Stars Jersey Zip Archive
Logo Aloha Shirt
Logo Aloha Shirt Zip Archive
Lumberjack Shirt
Lumberjack Shirt Zip Archive
Matcha Down Jacket
Matcha Down Jacket Zip Archive
Mint Tee
Mint Tee Zip Archive
Missus Shrug Tee
Missus Shrug Tee Zip Archive
Mister Shrug Tee
Mister Shrug Tee Zip Archive
Mountain Vest
Mountain Vest Zip Archive
N-Pacer Sweat
N-Pacer Sweat Zip Archive
Navy College Sweat
Navy College Sweat Zip Archive
Navy Deca Logo Tee
Navy Deca Logo Tee Zip Archive
Navy Eminence Jacket
Navy Eminence Jacket Zip Archive
Navy King Tank
Navy King Tank Zip Archive
Navy Striped LS
Navy Striped LS Zip Archive
Negative Longcuff Sweater
Negative Longcuff Sweater Zip Archive
North-Country Parka
North-Country Parka Zip Archive
Octarian Retro
Octarian Retro Zip Archive
Octo Support Hoodie
Octo Support Hoodie Zip Archive
Octo Tee
Octo Tee Zip Archive
Octobowler Shirt
Octobowler Shirt Zip Archive
Octoking HK Jersey
Octoking HK Jersey Zip Archive
Office Attire
Office Attire Zip Archive
Olive Ski Jacket
Olive Ski Jacket Zip Archive
Olive Zekko Parka
Olive Zekko Parka Zip Archive
Online Jersey
Online Jersey Zip Archive
Orange Cardigan
Orange Cardigan Zip Archive
Panda Kung-Fu Zip-Up
Panda Kung-Fu Zip-Up Zip Archive
Part-Time Pirate
Part-Time Pirate Zip Archive
Pearl Tee
Pearl Tee Zip Archive
Pink Easy-Stripe Shirt
Pink Easy-Stripe Shirt Zip Archive
Pink Hoodie
Pink Hoodie Zip Archive
Pirate-Stripe Tee
Pirate-Stripe Tee Zip Archive
Positive Longcuff Sweater
Positive Longcuff Sweater Zip Archive
Prune Parashooter
Prune Parashooter Zip Archive
Pullover Coat
Pullover Coat Zip Archive
Purple Camo LS
Purple Camo LS Zip Archive
Rainy-Day Tee
Rainy-Day Tee Zip Archive
Record Shop Look EP
Record Shop Look EP Zip Archive
Red Cuttlegear LS
Red Cuttlegear LS Zip Archive
Red Hula Punk with Tie
Red Hula Punk with Tie Zip Archive
Red Tentatek Tee
Red Tentatek Tee Zip Archive
Red V-Neck Limited Tee
Red V-Neck Limited Tee Zip Archive
Red Vector Tee
Red Vector Tee Zip Archive
Red-Check Shirt
Red-Check Shirt Zip Archive
Reel Sweat
Reel Sweat Zip Archive
Reggae Tee
Reggae Tee Zip Archive
Retro Gamer Jersey
Retro Gamer Jersey Zip Archive
Retro Sweat
Retro Sweat Zip Archive
Rockenberg Black
Rockenberg Black Zip Archive
Rockenberg White
Rockenberg White Zip Archive
Rockin' Leather Jacket
Rockin' Leather Jacket Zip Archive
Rodeo Shirt
Rodeo Shirt Zip Archive
Round-Collar Shirt
Round-Collar Shirt Zip Archive
Sage Polo
Sage Polo Zip Archive
Sailor-Stripe Tee
Sailor-Stripe Tee Zip Archive
School Jersey
School Jersey Zip Archive
Sennyu Suit
Sennyu Suit Zip Archive
Shirt & Tie
Shirt & Tie Zip Archive
Shirt with Blue Hoodie
Shirt with Blue Hoodie Zip Archive
Short Knit Layers
Short Knit Layers Zip Archive
Shrimp-Pink Polo
Shrimp-Pink Polo Zip Archive
Silver Tentatek Vest
Silver Tentatek Vest Zip Archive
Sky-Blue Squideye
Sky-Blue Squideye Zip Archive
Slipstream United
Slipstream United Zip Archive
Splash King Tank
Splash King Tank Zip Archive
Splatfest Tee
Splatfest Tee Zip Archive
Squid Satin Jacket
Squid Satin Jacket Zip Archive
Squid Squad Band Tee
Squid Squad Band Tee Zip Archive
Squid Yellow Layered LS
Squid Yellow Layered LS Zip Archive
Squid-Pattern Waistcoat
Squid-Pattern Waistcoat Zip Archive
Squid-Stitch Tee
Squid-Stitch Tee Zip Archive
Squiddor Polo
Squiddor Polo Zip Archive
Squidmark LS
Squidmark LS Zip Archive
Squidmark Sweat
Squidmark Sweat Zip Archive
Squidstar Waistcoat
Squidstar Waistcoat Zip Archive
SRL Coat
SRL Coat Zip Archive
Striped Peaks LS
Striped Peaks LS Zip Archive
Striped Rugby
Striped Rugby Zip Archive
Striped Shirt
Striped Shirt Zip Archive
Sunny-Day Tee
Sunny-Day Tee Zip Archive
Takoroka Crazy Baseball LS
Takoroka Crazy Baseball LS Zip Archive
Takoroka Galactic Tie Dye
Takoroka Galactic Tie Dye Zip Archive
Takoroka Jersey
Takoroka Jersey Zip Archive
Takoroka Nylon Vintage
Takoroka Nylon Vintage Zip Archive
Takoroka Rainbow Tie Dye
Takoroka Rainbow Tie Dye Zip Archive
Takoroka Windcrusher
Takoroka Windcrusher Zip Archive
Tentatek Slogan Tee
Tentatek Slogan Tee Zip Archive
Toni K. Baseball Jersey
Toni K. Baseball Jersey Zip Archive
Tricolor Rugby
Tricolor Rugby Zip Archive
Tumeric Zekko Coat
Tumeric Zekko Coat Zip Archive
Urchins Jersey
Urchins Jersey Zip Archive
Varsity Baseball LS
Varsity Baseball LS Zip Archive
Varsity Jacket
Varsity Jacket Zip Archive
Vintage Check Shirt
Vintage Check Shirt Zip Archive
Wet Floor Band Tee
Wet Floor Band Tee Zip Archive
Whale-Knit Sweater
Whale-Knit Sweater Zip Archive
White 8-Bit FishFry
White 8-Bit FishFry Zip Archive
White Anchor Tee
White Anchor Tee Zip Archive
White Baseball LS
White Baseball LS Zip Archive
White Deca Logo Tee
White Deca Logo Tee Zip Archive
White Inky Rider
White Inky Rider Zip Archive
White King Tank
White King Tank Zip Archive
White Layered LS
White Layered LS Zip Archive
White Leather F-3
White Leather F-3 Zip Archive
White LS
White LS Zip Archive
White Sailor Suit
White Sailor Suit Zip Archive
White Shirt
White Shirt Zip Archive
White Striped LS
White Striped LS Zip Archive
White Tee
White Tee Zip Archive
White Urchin Rock Tee
White Urchin Rock Tee Zip Archive
White V-Neck Tee
White V-Neck Tee Zip Archive
Yellow Layered LS
Yellow Layered LS Zip Archive
Yellow Urban Vest
Yellow Urban Vest Zip Archive
Zapfish Satin Jacket
Zapfish Satin Jacket Zip Archive
Zekko Baseball LS
Zekko Baseball LS Zip Archive
Zekko Hoodie
Zekko Hoodie Zip Archive
Zekko Jade Coat
Zekko Jade Coat Zip Archive
Zekko Long Carrot Tee
Zekko Long Carrot Tee Zip Archive
Zekko Long Radish Tee
Zekko Long Radish Tee Zip Archive
Zekko Redleaf Coat
Zekko Redleaf Coat Zip Archive
Zink Layered LS
Zink Layered LS Zip Archive
Zink LS
Zink LS Zip Archive
ω-3 Tee
ω-3 Tee Zip Archive
Clothing (Shoes)
Acerola Rain Boots
Acerola Rain Boots Zip Archive
Amber Sea Slug Hi-Tops
Amber Sea Slug Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Angry Rain Boots
Angry Rain Boots Zip Archive
Annaki Arachno Boots
Annaki Arachno Boots Zip Archive
Annaki Habaneros
Annaki Habaneros Zip Archive
Annaki Tigers
Annaki Tigers Zip Archive
Banana Basics
Banana Basics Zip Archive
Birch Climbing Shoes
Birch Climbing Shoes Zip Archive
Black & Blue Squidkid V
Black & Blue Squidkid V Zip Archive
Black Dakroniks
Black Dakroniks Zip Archive
Black Flip-Flops
Black Flip-Flops Zip Archive
Black Norimaki 750s
Black Norimaki 750s Zip Archive
Black Seahorses
Black Seahorses Zip Archive
Black Trainers
Black Trainers Zip Archive
Blue & Black Squidkid V
Blue & Black Squidkid V Zip Archive
Blue Iromaki 750s
Blue Iromaki 750s Zip Archive
Blue Laceless Dakroniks
Blue Laceless Dakroniks Zip Archive
Blue Lo-Tops
Blue Lo-Tops Zip Archive
Blue Moto Boots
Blue Moto Boots Zip Archive
Blue Power Stripes
Blue Power Stripes Zip Archive
Blue Slip-Ons
Blue Slip-Ons Zip Archive
Bubble Rain Boots
Bubble Rain Boots Zip Archive
Cherry Kicks
Cherry Kicks Zip Archive
Choco Clogs
Choco Clogs Zip Archive
Chocolate Dakroniks
Chocolate Dakroniks Zip Archive
Clownfish Basics
Clownfish Basics Zip Archive
Cream Hi-Tops
Cream Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Custom Trail Boots
Custom Trail Boots Zip Archive
Deepsea Leather Boots
Deepsea Leather Boots Zip Archive
Flipper Floppers
Flipper Floppers Zip Archive
Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Bracelet Zip Archive
Gold Hi-Horses
Gold Hi-Horses Zip Archive
Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops
Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Gray Yellow-Soled Wingtips
Gray Yellow-Soled Wingtips Zip Archive
Green Iromaki 750s
Green Iromaki 750s Zip Archive
Green Laceups
Green Laceups Zip Archive
Green Rain Boots
Green Rain Boots Zip Archive
Honey & Orange Squidkid V
Honey & Orange Squidkid V Zip Archive
Hunter Hi-Tops
Hunter Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Hunting Boots
Hunting Boots Zip Archive
Icy Down Boots
Icy Down Boots Zip Archive
Inky Kid Clams
Inky Kid Clams Zip Archive
Kid Clams
Kid Clams Zip Archive
LE Lo-Tops
LE Lo-Tops Zip Archive
LE Soccer Shoes
LE Soccer Shoes Zip Archive
Luminous Delta Straps
Luminous Delta Straps Zip Archive
Mawcasins Zip Archive
Mint Dakroniks
Mint Dakroniks Zip Archive
Moto Boots
Moto Boots Zip Archive
Musselforge Flip-Flops
Musselforge Flip-Flops Zip Archive
Navy Enperrials
Navy Enperrials Zip Archive
Navy Red-Soled Wingtips
Navy Red-Soled Wingtips Zip Archive
Neon Delta Straps
Neon Delta Straps Zip Archive
New-Leaf Leather Boots
New-Leaf Leather Boots Zip Archive
Non-slip Senseis
Non-slip Senseis Zip Archive
Online Squidkid V
Online Squidkid V Zip Archive
Orange Iromaki 750s
Orange Iromaki 750s Zip Archive
Orange Lo-Tops
Orange Lo-Tops Zip Archive
Orca Hi-Tops
Orca Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Orca Passion Hi-Tops
Orca Passion Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Orca Woven Hi-Tops
Orca Woven Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Oyster Clogs
Oyster Clogs Zip Archive
Piranha Moccasins
Piranha Moccasins Zip Archive
Polka-dot Slip-Ons
Polka-dot Slip-Ons Zip Archive
Pro Trail Boots
Pro Trail Boots Zip Archive
Punk Blacks
Punk Blacks Zip Archive
Punk Cherries
Punk Cherries Zip Archive
Punk Whites
Punk Whites Zip Archive
Punk Yellows
Punk Yellows Zip Archive
Purple Hi-Horses
Purple Hi-Horses Zip Archive
Purple Irokami 750s
Purple Irokami 750s Zip Archive
Red & Black Squidkid IV
Red & Black Squidkid IV Zip Archive
Red & White Squidkid V
Red & White Squidkid V Zip Archive
Red FishFry Sandals
Red FishFry Sandals Zip Archive
Red Hi-Horses
Red Hi-Horses Zip Archive
Red Hi-Tops
Red Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Red Iromaki 750s
Red Iromaki 750s Zip Archive
Red Power Stripes
Red Power Stripes Zip Archive
Red Slip-Ons
Red Slip-Ons Zip Archive
Red Work Boots
Red Work Boots Zip Archive
Roasted Brogues
Roasted Brogues Zip Archive
Sennyu Inksoles
Sennyu Inksoles Zip Archive
Shark Moccasins
Shark Moccasins Zip Archive
Smoky Wingtips
Smoky Wingtips Zip Archive
Snow Delta Straps
Snow Delta Straps Zip Archive
Snowy Down Boots
Snowy Down Boots Zip Archive
Soccer Shoes
Soccer Shoes Zip Archive
Squid-Stitch Slip-Ons
Squid-Stitch Slip-Ons Zip Archive
Squink Wingtips
Squink Wingtips Zip Archive
Strapping Reds
Strapping Reds Zip Archive
Strapping Whites
Strapping Whites Zip Archive
Suede Gray Lace-Ups
Suede Gray Lace-Ups Zip Archive
Suede Marine Lace-Ups
Suede Marine Lace-Ups Zip Archive
Suede Nation Lace-Ups
Suede Nation Lace-Ups Zip Archive
Sun & Shade Squidkid V
Sun & Shade Squidkid V Zip Archive
Sunny Climbing Shoes
Sunny Climbing Shoes Zip Archive
Sunset Orca Hi-Tops
Sunset Orca Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Tan Work Boots
Tan Work Boots Zip Archive
Tea-Green Hunting Boots
Tea-Green Hunting Boots Zip Archive
Toni Kensa Black Hi-Tops
Toni Kensa Black Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Toni Kensa Soccer Shoes
Toni Kensa Soccer Shoes Zip Archive
Trail Boots
Trail Boots Zip Archive
Truffle Canvas Hi-Tops
Truffle Canvas Hi-Tops Zip Archive
Turquoise Kicks
Turquoise Kicks Zip Archive
White Kicks
White Kicks Zip Archive
White Laceless Dakroniks
White Laceless Dakroniks Zip Archive
White Norimaki 750s
White Norimaki 750s Zip Archive
White Seahorses
White Seahorses Zip Archive
Wooden Sandals
Wooden Sandals Zip Archive
Yellow FishFry Sandals
Yellow FishFry Sandals Zip Archive
Yellow Iromaki 750s
Yellow Iromaki 750s Zip Archive
Yellow Seahorses
Yellow Seahorses Zip Archive
Zombie Hi-Horses
Zombie Hi-Horses Zip Archive
Clothing (Sets)
Non-Playable Characters
Enemies (Octo Canyon)
Enemies (Salmon Run)
Enemies (Octo Expansion)
Main Weapons
Sub/Special Weapons
Map Objects
Map Objects (Salmon Run)
Map Objects (Octo Expansion)
Unused Models
Console Genre Developers
Nintendo Switch Shooter Developer coming soon!
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May 30, 2020, 10:49 PM
woah everything’s been approved
May 13, 2020, 1:42 PM
hmmm, it's been a while since anyone has spoken on this section... if anyone has any questions, ideas, answers, or whatever on these kind of topics, join our discord, i'm also about to delete the post that includes the link to our server, take note that we don't always talk about these kinds of things.
For example we also have acnh channels and minecraft channels where we can join or host games and play with each other, i hope you guys join! byeee
May 9, 2020, 3:09 AM
That's for baked lighting I believe, and yeah most of the the splat 1 stuff usually has them leftover.
May 8, 2020, 11:17 PM
We figured it out. It's most likely leftover splatoon 1 uv maps.
May 8, 2020, 11:08 PM
Oh, btw, we tried using the 2nd uv channel for both parts but it still didn't work
May 8, 2020, 10:58 PM
So I came across a file called "bake_wmn_roller_bullet_g00_b00_f00" in the dynamo roller textures. It looks like an ao texture, but it won't get applied correctly. Any idea how it might be used?
May 7, 2020, 2:38 AM
actually i just noticed thats not how it works, heres the link to the server:
May 7, 2020, 2:23 AM
Sounds cool, I'll join.

edit: Thank you for linking the server, I was confused on how we were supposed to join. Looks like the server is for Splatoon 3d stuff [naturally].
May 7, 2020, 1:21 AM
Yeah, the fresnel node works pretty well to simulate how the sss looks in game. The only problem is, in game, the fresnel only shows when there's a light behind the object, and fades away the further the light gets from it. The fresnel node makes a constant border around it.
May 6, 2020, 7:05 PM
i know!!!!
but this is still speculation, i still have to test it out tho...
May 6, 2020, 6:09 PM
I hate the word fresnel.
You'd think it'd be pronounced fres-nell, but no...
It's actually pronounced as fruh-nell or freh-nel.
May 6, 2020, 5:42 PM
AHHHHH i think i just found out a way to get the glowey rim around the tentacles, FRESNEL for those who don't know what fresnel is, it basically see's the vertices of your model and makes the ones that are facing away from you lighter, it basially makes a rim around the model, i can't really explain it but just search up fresnel blender and it'll show up.
May 4, 2020, 7:36 PM
tysm Jasper!
May 4, 2020, 4:35 PM
@Cmars I ported the SFM ink models for you. The pack I found only had 4 models so it wasn't difficult. I'll be sending the link to the models in pm, just in case the original creator wouldn't want their models ported publicly.
Just remember, if you use the models in a render you post to the internet, it's a good idea to credit the original creator, CatRosalina on Steam.
May 4, 2020, 4:04 PM
If you wanted to try recreating them, you could mess around with a lattice on a sphere or something.
May 4, 2020, 4:04 PM
Why couldn't you port them? Is it because the tools to convert to .smd are only for windows?

I have Windows and quite a few programs from when I used to be really into porting things to SFM. I'll port them for you if I can. Though I'l be honest, Source textures can be weird, so some textures may not work in Blender
May 4, 2020, 3:45 PM
Darn, sucks that you couldn't find them... Either way, thanks so much for bothering to look around for them! That's really thoughtful of you. I remember seeing a pack of ink-splatter models a while ago, but it was for SFM. I even tried porting them to blender, but I couldn't since I have a mac
May 4, 2020, 9:26 AM
I thought that's what you meant. Tomorrow I'll look at the files Hallow mentioned to see if they have ink splatter models.
Don't be sorry for sharing that render, it's cute!

edit - Alright, I had a look at PaintTexture.Nin_NX_NVN and it's nothing but ink textures [like you said], I cannot find Effect/All.Nin_NX_NVN.szs in files someone uploaded online [I can't rip the files myself].
Ah well, perhaps someone with access to all the files could have a look at that one?
May 4, 2020, 7:02 AM
I was referring to paint splatters like from weapons and such. I wanted to use them for this render and just decided to separate the ink on the amiibo base model from the actual amiibo base and use that. It doesn't give quite the same effect I was looking for, but it's good enough for what I wanted to use it for (desktop wallpaper for a friend).
Also, on a completely unrelated note I hope it's okay if I share this render I made, despite being totally non-splatoon related. Sorry, I just really liked it and felt like sharing.
May 4, 2020, 5:17 AM
Ah, those are generated a similar way I believe, they're textures in the models folder "PaintTexture.Nin_NX_NVN.szs", and more in "Effect/All.Nin_NX_NVN.szs" some are models I believe in here.
May 4, 2020, 12:36 AM
Yeah they are! I know how to arrange them in Blender, too.
I was just asking cmars to specify what they wanted. I think they want they want the ink that comes out weapons when you shoot them [not the textures for ink on players/the ground].
Do you know if those are rippable? Are they even models?
May 3, 2020, 11:44 PM
The ink splotches on your character are generated using _2cl textures in-game.
Example from my Koppaite Spacesuit Helmet mod
May 3, 2020, 9:41 PM
Do you mean like when you shoot a weapon and ink comes out or when you get shot and have ink splotches on your player's clothes?
If I assume you mean the former, then I'm not sure... I've been searching files to look for them but I haven't found any so far.
May 3, 2020, 5:19 AM
How would I add ink bits? I'm no good at modeling and was having trouble trying to make one myself. If anyone has a good source, i'd be super grateful
May 2, 2020, 10:37 PM
C4D also has a different engine from Blender. There's probably a way to lay out all the textures in Blender just fine, I just don't know it. I'm not going to waste time trying because I've never been good at that sorta thing.

As to your question, FBX. and .DAE are different model file types. I'm not sure of all the differences, I know that .fbx files can store vertex color and shape keys, which .dae can't.
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