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Models Submitted 26
Games Submitted To 22
Largest Console
(by Games)
Custom / Edited
(20 games)
Largest Console
(by Models)
Custom / Edited
(24 models)
Biggest Contributions
Mario Customs
Mario Customs

(3 models)
Undertale Customs
Undertale Customs

(3 models)
Galaga Customs
Galaga Customs

(1 model)
Most Popular Models
1 Shovel Knight Customs Shovel Knight (N64) 7,015 hits
2 Dragon's Crown Customs Sorceress (N64) 6,387 hits
3 Undertale Customs Frisk (N64) 5,953 hits
4 Bayonetta Customs Bayonetta (Low-Poly) 5,914 hits
5 Skullgirls Customs Peacock (N64) 5,814 hits
6 WayForward Customs Shantae (N64) 5,722 hits
7 Mega Man Customs Mega Man (N64) 5,562 hits
8 Mario Customs Professor E. Gadd (N64) 4,580 hits
9 Disney Customs Scrooge McDuck (N64) 4,564 hits
10 Mario Customs Valentina 4,491 hits
Custom / Edited Models: 24 Hide
Bayonetta Customs Bayonetta (Low-Poly)
Bonk Customs Bonk (N64)
Crash Bandicoot Customs Tawna (Classic)
Disney Customs Scrooge McDuck (N64)
Dragon's Crown Customs Sorceress (N64)
Earthbound / Mother Customs Abstract Art
Earthworm Jim Customs Princess What's-Her-Name (N64)
Galaga Customs Galaga Ship (N64)
Kirby Customs Magolor (N64)
The Legend of Zelda Customs Veran (N64)
Mario Customs Prince Peasley (N64)
Mario Customs Professor E. Gadd (N64)
Mario Customs Valentina
Mega Man Customs Mega Man (N64)
Panel de Pon Customs Lip (N64)
Ristar Customs Ristar (N64)
Shovel Knight Customs Shovel Knight (N64)
Skullgirls Customs Peacock (N64)
Trigger Knight Customs Knight-tan (N64)
Undertale Customs Chara (N64)
Undertale Customs Frisk (N64)
Undertale Customs Mettaton (N64)
WayForward Customs Shantae (N64)
Wolfenstein Customs SS (N64)
Nintendo 64 Models: 1 Hide
F-Zero X Blue Falcon
PlayStation Models: 1 Hide
Crash Bandicoot Tawna
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